Sober Socials and Nerd Soc Taskmaster Collab!

Friday 22 March 2024

7pm - 10pm

Nuffield Building - Rooms G17, G18, G19 and G13 [R9 on Campus Map]


This week we are having a Taskmaster collaboration with Nerd Soc! Participants will compete in teams through a series of devious tasks, based on the Taskmaster TV show.

THIS EVENT IS FREE, BUT TICKETED. Please find tickets here:

(tickets only available for Sober Socials and Nerd Soc members)

We are Sober Socials and we run weekly events, every Friday from 7pm until 10pm. You don't need to be sober to join us, however we do ask that our events are kept sober and alcohol free. Come and join us for a wide variety of games such as werewolf, exploding kittens, coup, jackbox and more!

We look forward to having you!