Second Taster Session Nerdbabble

Tuesday 29 September 2020

6pm - 9pm

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NerdSoc is a diverse group of friendly people who love to share their passions and interests, as well as meeting others who love the same things they do. Every Tuesday we run Nerdbabbles; these are short talks on any topic that the member giving the talk chooses, we believe everything is interesting! For our second taster, and first non-freshers week of the new term, Alex, our Chair, will be giving us all a brief and entertaining rundown of the society with their talk "A Brief, and Very Tangential, History of NerdSoc"! Afterwards we have an informal round table discussion about the topic. The discussion then inevitably trails off into general chatter and then we'll move into Acts of Kindness.

Acts of Kindness (Or AoK for short) are a wide range of activities that consist of everything from learning a creative skill, like crochet, to practicing self-care, to small acts which help make the world a better place, like contributing to Cranes for Cancer by making origami cranes out of recycled flyers. Once AoK has died down and trailed off, we often play some online party games together!

The atmosphere is very easy going and people are encouraged to engage as much or as little they want. Want to vibe with your mic muted and just listen in? Want to exasperatedly tell everyone who will listen about something you love? Everyone is very welcome!