CSS Gets Ducks

Thursday 08 December 2022

midnight - 11:59pm


There are three options:

(Please note that the prices shown will have a 'transaction fee added' which goes to the Guild and CSS doesn't see)

- For £3 (£2.50 + Guild tax 50p): 1 duck <3 Perfect for companionship, programming assistance and as a friendly face to stare down enemies.

- For £12.50 (£12.00 + Guild tax 50p): 5 ducks <3 A wholesome family of quacking companions, perfect for giving to your friends, family, housemates or just to have five lined up on your desk :)

- For £125.00 (£123.00 + Guild tax £2.00): 50 ducks <3 Purchase an army of quacking monstrosities! Perfect for launching a full-scale assault on the CS building, Guild or University. 


We only have one 50 duck box available and the person who buys it is a maniac. Mani-quack? 

Duck collection will be from the CS building """Soon""".

Happy quacking, CSS <3