CSS Pub Crawl

Friday 24 November 2023

7pm - midnight

Hop Garden, The Green Man, Arco Lounge, The Junction, & O'Neill's Harborne


This year the CSS Pub Crawl will be going to a selection of pubs around Harborne!
We'll be spending about 60 minutes at each, so you'll have plenty of time to grab some drinks, and maybe even a bite to eat, at each location!
This year's ticket includes a unique Pub Crawl T-Shirt with a brilliant design by Vishwas, and we'll be ordering them in a week, you can see them below!
You will need membership to get a ticket, which you can get here:

Where are we going? (In order)

  • Hop Garden
  • The Green Man
  • Arco Lounge
  • The Junction
  • O'Neill's Harborne

There are a few ways to get to Hop Garden to start the event:

  • We will be holding a walking train from CS, catching the 48 bus at 6:55 from the University station bus stop.
  • From The Vale, the best option would be to walk straight down Somerset Road.
  • From Selly, the best option would be either the 20 or 76 buses.

There are also a few options for getting back/going out afterwards:

  • To continue the night, there's the 23 bus at 00:13 or 00:43, which goes straight down Broad Street to New Street.
  • To get back to The Vale, the 48 bus at 00:01 can get you halfway there, with a 10 minute walk afterwards.
  • To get back to Selly, the same 48 bus can get you back to Uni, with a 10 minute walk afterwards.

A purple T Shirt, with Pterobyte on the front. The text reads "CSS Pub Crawl, 2023-11-24"A purple T Shirt, with a map and route of the Pub Crawl, marked locations include "Hop Garden", "The Green Man", "Arco Lounge", "The Junction", "O'Neill's Harborne"