Speak Week: It's Time to Spill the Tea!

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Speak Week

This week we will be asking students across campus to do one simple thing: spill the tea! Led by Student Reps and the Guild Officer Team – Speak Week is your opportunity to tell us what you think about your Guild, your College and the University.

What is Speak Week?

The Guild is powered by students - and that means powered by you! This University is our home. It's your money you're spending, and your future that's being built. So you should get a big say in every aspect of your university experience. We want to make sure that your time at University of Birmingham is the best it can be and to do that, we need you to tell us about parts of university life that you're really happy with - and the parts that you think could be improved.

Look out for your Student Reps, Officers, sports teams and society members out and about on campus this week. They will be handing out FREE TEA and asking you to fill in a quick survey to give feedback on your university experience.

Got five minutes? You can fill in the survey now!



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