increased tuition fees - stop moaning about it - do something about it

So, you want to make real difference to your Guild? The best way to get things done around here is to step up and lead the Guild as part of our Officer Team. Think you’ve got what it takes to lead? Get involved…

Could you lead? 

5 Dec > 9 Jan

Our Officer Elections are back and the Search is on.

We’re on the lookout for 8 students to lead the Guild full-time and represent the 34,000 students here at the University of Birmingham.

Guild Officers are elected by thousands of people. It’s a great job, tonnes of fun, you’ll make some cash and the experience can’t be beat. You’ll also be stepping up and making a real difference to your Guild.

If you like the sound of being an Officer, register your interest here and we’ll be in touch. If this doesn't sound like you, but you know someone who’d be great, you can recommend your mate below too.

Make sure to get in there before the deadline: 30 Jan 2017.