The Student Rep System

Looking to Change Things on your course or in your School? The Student Representation system is here to help! Run in partnership with the University and the Guild, the system is one of the many ways that you can get involved and help improve your academic experience here at Birmingham!

The system is made up of Student Reps, who are here to empower you to make the changes that you want to see in your academic life. Representing you in your Schools and Colleges, Student Reps can help you to make a real difference on your courses, in your Schools and in your Colleges. If something’s bothering you about your teaching or learning at Birmingham, they’re the people to go to! You can find out more about the Student Rep role and how to become a Student Rep here

To make sure your voice is heard at every level of the University, the Rep system is headed up by your Education Officer – supported by the team of Student Reps and your Postgraduate Students’ Officer.

Whether you’re an undergraduate, master’s student or postgraduate researcher, we know that your academic experience will be different, dependent on how you’re studying. To make sure your Reps are effective in representing your views, we’ve split the system into two different models. Handily, these also match how the University discusses – and makes decisions on – the different types of study here at Birmingham.

If you’re studying on an Undergraduate or Taught Postgraduate (usually a Masters!) programme, you’ll be covered by our Taught Model of Representation. The University often discusses issues related to your academic experience in committees and meetings that consider both Undergraduate and Postgraduate Taught programmes at the same time, so our Rep system matches that.

The Taught Model ensures that your Student Reps are at the right meetings to really champion your voice and shape the decisions that will impact you on your course of study.

We know that Undergraduate and Taught Postgraduate Students have different academic experiences – and Student Reps work hard to champion your unique views and concerns. This model just makes sure we’re working alongside the University structures and representing your voice as effectively as we can when decisions are made!

The Research Model encompasses postgraduate researchers on postgraduate research programmes such as MRes and PhDs. The model ensures that Student Reps who represent postgraduate researchers are able to attend committees within the University that discuss research provision, quality and the Graduate School at Birmingham.

The Research model highlights the importance of feedback from the researcher community, through their Reps, and the need for your academic experience to be considered. Just because you don’t typically attend lectures or seminars, doesn’t mean that your voice shouldn’t be heard!

What we’ve achieved together!

Every year, Student Reps achieve incredible things for the students and postgraduate researchers they represent. Working in partnership with the University and the Guild, they make lasting changes to the academic experience in Birmingham, both for you and for students to come!

Here’s some our successes so far…(Coming Soon)

Contact Us

If you have any questions about the Student Representation System, the role of a Student Rep or how to get involved in improving the academic experience here at Birmingham you can get in touch with us using the section below






To ensure that you get what you need from us, when you need it, we have created a set of promises which we will always aim to deliver.

Meet your officer team

Every year, you elect fellow students to your Officer Team, who represent you and lead your union. Each Officer has their own roles and remit which you can view below. You have a chance to make sure your elected Officers are doing what they said they will, by attending Officer Question Time held each term.

 Ellie Keiller - Guild President 2016-17
Natalie Cox - Activities & Development Officer 2016-17
Chris Wilkinson - Education Officer 2016-17
Izzie Nicholds - Housing & Community Officer 2016-17
Rose Bennett - Postgraduate Officer 2016-17
Brandon Hattiloney - Representation & Resources Officer 2016-17
Georgie Freeman - Sports Officer 2016-17
Ross Strong - Welfare Officer 2016-17

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