Committee Resources

These pages contain information and downloads, useful for running your student group. If you can’t find something online, please email or visit the Student Group department in the Guild of Students.

Room Bookings

What spaces you can book for your activities and how to request them


Guidance on collecting and spending money for your group

Fundraising and Sponsorship

Guidance on raising money for your group

What's involved with inviting a guest speaker or instructor onto campus, or showing a film or other pre-recorded media

Information on committee elections and handovers, or changing your group's structure

All the information you need to organise a trip abroad

Tips and hints on how to publicise your group or event

Information that may help you with the general running of your group

Documents relating to how your group fits into the wider Guild of Students

All in the information on what support is available to groups and committee members

Quick fire answers to common questions