Welcome Week: 18th - 22nd September 2023

Settling In

Making FriendsAnd Settling In

If you’re about to start your first year, then we’re guessing that you can’t wait to explore your student accommodation, meet your new flatmates and join student groups.

From groups to events, we've compiled lots of useful information about how you can make friends and settle in at UoB.

Build Your Perfect Welcome Week

Whether you’re about to start your first year or are a returning student, there are so many ways to make friends and settle in. A great way to start is by attending some of our fantastic Welcome events!

Event Spotlight - FAB

FAB is the legendary, iconic weekly club night held right here at the Guild of Students – your student union. We are the ONLY place on campus where you can party until 4am!

Official Events

Whether you’re into spectacular club nights, or relaxed sober socials, there are lots to choose from. Make sure you explore all of our events, book your tickets and build your perfect Welcome Week.

Here's some to get you started:

There are currently no events listed. Please check back later.

View More Events

View More Events

More Events

But the fun doesn’t end there, from our Welcome Fair, to Societies Fair, to our Postgraduate and International Socials and our Open Air Cinema, there are so many fantastic events for you to enjoy!

Various events at the Guild Various events at the Guild

View All Welcome Events

View All Welcome Events

Student Groups & Clubs

Various society events at the Guild

Joining a student group or association is a great opportunity to discover new interests, find your passions and make friends.

Whether you’re interested in ballroom dance, politics, baking, campaigning or even watching Doctor Who – you’re sure to find the perfect group for you!

We have over 300 groups here at the Guild, including MedSoc, and we encourage you to explore as many as you like, after all this is the ideal opportunity try something new! You can even meet our groups at our Societies Fair, MedSoc Fair and enjoy live demonstrations at our Give it a Go activities during Welcome Week.

Interested in setting up your own group? Learn more about this by emailing the Student Activites Team.

Are you ready to host your own radio show, organise a festival, publish a headline or paint a masterpiece?

Explore Student Groups

Explore Student Groups

Sports Clubs

Here at Birmingham there are 56 sports clubs to choose from, which means there really is something for everyone. Have a browse through the range of sports clubs and see which ones you’d like to join.

Explore Sports Clubs

Explore Sports Clubs

Student Group FAQs

Great question! Firstly, you can explore our Student Groups webpage to view the range of societies on offer. You can also head to our Societies Fair, MedSoc Fair and Give It A Go activities during Welcome Week to meet our groups and try new things!

This depends on the group. Associations are free to join, but you can see the cost to join other groups via our Student Groups page.

If you’ve not quite found the group you’re looking for and would like to start a new one, you can visit our groups page to learn more about this.

As little or as much as you'd like. You can get involved with groups at your convenience around your studies.

No, it’s completely up to you. We’d encourage you to join as many, or as little as you’d like. You can make a start by attending some taster sessions, to see which groups you’re interested in. Our main advice would be to get stuck in, but not overstretch yourself as each group will have its own time commitment.

If you're a returning student and wish to continue your membership with a society, you will have to re-join the student group for the year ahead. To do this, first re-register with the University, then proceed to log into the Guild website and purchase your membership once your account reactivates.

A range of student groups! The Fair takes place over two days and there will be different societies attending on each day, so you will have the chance to meet a range. Top tip: Make sure you come along to both days to get to know more groups.

Not to mention, we’ll also be hosting the MedSoc Fair where medical and dentistry students can meet the range of Medical Societies on offer.

Plus, if you’d like to try your hand at calligraphy or even hosting a radio show, you can also head to our Give It A Go activities.

Don't worry, you can join a society all year long. The Fairs are just great ways to get to know the range of groups on offer.

If you’re interested in joining a group, but first want to try out some of their activities, this is the perfect opportunity. Throughout Welcome Week there will be Give It A Go activities, where you can try out anything from painting to dance! Full details will be published on our events page, so make sure you sign up!

Birmingham Medical Society, or MedSoc, is a student-run society for those studying in the University’s College of Medical & Dental Sciences.

MedSoc is run by a committee of 23 members and there are a number of medical student groups you can join. You will first need to subscribe to MedSoc to join a group.

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Next Steps

Now you’ve gotten to know your hall and learnt about all the ways that you can make friends and build your community, it’s time to find out how we can support you with anything from academics, to finance, wellbeing or housing.