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Welcome to Guild of Students
Welcome to Guild of Students

SupportAlong The Way

During your time at University, you may find yourself in need a little bit of support, whether this is relating to your studies, finances or to your general wellbeing.

There are many places that you can access support, which we’ve overviewed below!

Guild Advice

University can be challenging sometimes, so if ever you’re struggling and need someone to talk to, or want academic, housing or international support Guild Advice are here to help!

Student Mentors

Moving into Halls is exciting, but the Mentors are here if ever you’re feeling homesick or need to talk. They also help with shared living issues and provide academic and wellbeing support.

Community Wardens

The Community Wardens, are a team of students who are here to promote a safer and greener living community. So if you have questions or queries about living in the local area, the Wardens can help!

Your Officers

Your Officers are a team of students who have been through it all themselves, so if ever you want to speak to someone about your experience or have feedback about an area of uni life, please do get in touch.

University Wellbeing Services

From Wellbeing Officers to their confidential listening service, the University offers a range of support services which you can access during your time as a student or researcher at Birmingham.

Financial Support

If ever you experience financial challenges during your studies, don’t suffer in silence. Explore the University’s financial support webpages to see how they can help and learn about the Student Support Fund.