'Injustice' film screening and panel

Monday 15 January 2018

5pm - 7pm

Muirhead Tower G15


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The Criminology society are hosting a film screening of 'Injustice' - a film about prison, crime and justice. This will then be followed by Q&A and panel discussion. Members of the panel include Unsound Robin (the director of the film), Dr Anna Kotova (prisons researcher), and two partners of prisoners. There will be drinks and food available throughout.

About the film: 

2016-17 saw the worst prison riots in decades. Across the country the prisons estate exploded as warned by campaigners and prisoners. The flames of the riots cast a light on the so-called prison crisis. Look hard and you’ll see it’s not that prisons are in crisis, prisons are the crisis.  

Injustice investigates the crisis, and delves into the world of prisons, crime and the judicial system.

Ex-prisoners, activists, criminologists and even prison governors tell us who the prisoners are and why they are inside. We hear what happens inside, and outside. Injustice asks what are prisons supposed to do and what do they actually do.

Injustice is not just another documentary. It opposes the corporate media approach to prison films, thirsty as they are for cliche and unintended parody.

Injustice has no camera operators chasing after prison guards closing in on their prey as if we were in a wildlife documentary. Prisoners are human beings, not animals. We ask the prison authorities for permission to make this film. We asked the prisoners instead.


The event will be held at Muirhead Tower G15 at 17:00 on the 15th January 2018, with the film starting promptly. 

Price: FREE for Criminology society members (Its only a £3 membership fee).

Please contact Ryan Stickland for any enquiries: r_stickland@hotmail.com