The National Student Fundraising Conference

Monday 29 July 2019

1pm - 12:30pm

University of Birmingham


£240.00 (Standard stall)
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          The National Student Fundraising Conference aims to bring together student fundraisers from all over the country to equip them with all the tools they need to make the most out of their time leading their own fundraising groups. It also gives an incredible opportunity for Charities to network with many fundraising groups, and gain an invaluable insiight into how best to engage with the student fundraising sector as a whole!

          The week will see various mixers and networking sessions, as well as workshops on a wide range of topics, from leadership and management, to sponsorships, to legacy partnerships within Charities themselves. There will also be various speeches from prolific names within the Charity sector, to give our guests an unprecedented insight into the incredible work that Charities do. 

          Charities will have the oppportunity to run a stall at our Charities Fair, which is an ideal setting to sell their cause to the leaders of student fundraising for the coming year, and make the crucial personal connections required to be selected to work with RAGs nationwide.

          The week will culminate in the National Student Fundraising Awards evening, which celebrates all the incredible work the student fundraising sector does year in, year out. This event is not one to miss, and will involve a 3-course black tie meal, entertainment, and an after party with one of Carnival RAGs own sponsors for the year. 

          Whilst we would love everyone to be able to enjoy the whole Conference with us, we understand that thiis is often ot the case! We also have day tickets available for purchase in this instance. Awards evening tickets can also be purchased separately if you dont want to miss out!

Ticketing Information

Delegate tickets - including accommodation, food, Awards ceremony, evening entertainment, merchandise bag, and all daytime activities

          - Ticket 1: Student delegate (including sabbatical officers, SU staff and NaSFA committee). £116.67 (+ VAT*)

          - Ticket 2: Charity delegate. £216.67 (+ VAT*)

          - Ticket 3: Commercial delegate. £250.00 (+ VAT*)

Day tickets - including daytime activities, lunch, and a t-shirt

          - Ticket 4: Student day ticket (Tuesday). £33.33 (+ VAT*)

          - Ticket 5: Student day ticket (Wednesday). £33.33 (+ VAT*)

          - Ticket 6: Charity day ticket (Tuesday). £45.83 (+ VAT*)

          - Ticket 7: Charity day ticket (Wednesday). £45.83 (+ VAT*)

Awards Night tickets - including awards ceremony and meal only

          - Ticket 8: Awards ceremony. £37.50 (+ VAT*)

          - Ticket 9: Awards ceremony and accommodation. £70.83 (+ VAT*)

Charities Fair tickets (see sponsorship booklet for details):

          - Ticket 10: Standard stall. £200.00 (+ VAT*)

          - Ticket 11: Premium stall. £325.00 (+ VAT*)

*We will provide a VAT reciept via email for all ticket sales, such that VAT exempt guests may claim this money back. 

For any other enquiries, please message our Faceboook page below, or email us at!

We look forward to welcoming you to Birmingham!