Autumn Elections... results!

Last week, you had the chance to elect your Guild Policy Development Group members, NUS  Conference Delegates, Ethical & Environmental Officer and Guild Committee Members. We're now delighted to announce the results of these elections!

Huge congratulations to those who were elected, and a big thank you to everyone who stood, campaigned and voted. Those newly elected are: 

Ethical and Environmental Officer  – Kate Chard

Chair of Officer Question Time – Weng Cheong Chan (Ken)


Assessment Group Members

Disabled Student Reserved Place – Amber Culley

LGBTQ Reserved Place – Jess Rutland

Trans Reserved Place – Finn Humphris

International Reserved Places – Weng Cheong Chan (Ken), Fan Xu, Horace Li

Postgraduate Reserved Place – Cai Lyons, Wenting Zhang, Re-Open Nominations 

Open Place – Luke Hilton, Xuexuan Peng, Izzy Bygrave, Miao Zhao, Nathan Le Blancq

As there were no candidates for Black Student and Women’s Student Reserved places, a by-election will be held for these roles.


NUS Conferences Delegates

NUS National Conference Delegates: Sahar Anwar, Talia Bazini, Alice Morley, Harriet Ellis, Adam Goldstone, Jonathan Blitz, Jennifer Cohen, Ramyar Ahmed.

NUS Disabled Students’ Conference Delegate – Emma Atkins

NUS LGBT+ Students’ Delegates – Amber Culley, Elena Poulet

NUS Mature and Part-Time Students’ Conference delegate – Joseph Clough (Socialism)

NUS Trans Conference Delegate – Finn Humphris

NUS Women’s Conference Delegates – Holly Battrick, Re-open Nominations

NUS Postgraduate Students’ Conference Delegates – Joseph Clough (Socialism), Jessica Small

NUS International Students’ Conference Delegates – Horace Li, Joanne Park

As there were no candidates for NUS Black Students Conference delegate, a By-election will be held for these roles.


Student Equality and Diversity Committee Members – Amber Culley, Emma Atkins

Ethical and Environmental Committee Members – Raquel Gomez Robels, Kathy D’apice

Appointments Panel Members – Shweta Sachdev, Re-open Nominations


A by-election will be held for all vacant positions before the end of Term 1. Full details on the date of this by-election and how to stand will be available soon!


You can find a full voter breakdown for each position here.


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