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Breaking Down Society Acronyms

Graphic which says 'Student Activities Recommend: Brushing up on society acronyms'.

Hi everyone! Student Activities here. We’ve started a new year, so it’s the PERFECT time to join a new society! We have over 300 student groups to choose from and as we continue our society recommendations series, today we’re focusing on student group acronyms and abbreviations.

Some of our student groups have long names so you may have noticed that they will shorten or abbreviate them i.e. DAMSA. Have you ever seen one of these abbreviations and been unsure what a group is all about? We are here to help!

Keep reading as we overview a few of these exciting societies.

Image of LARP Society at the Societies FairLARP is the Live Action Role Playing society! They run roleplay sessions, including their weekly vampire game, and host combat workshops on Saturdays to practice LARP combat. It’s a great society for those who want to immerse themselves in fictional worlds, and costs just  for a £5 yearly membership! For more information check out their Instagram at: @uob_larp_society

BUSAG stands for Birmingham Universities Scouts and Guides. They meet weekly to do all sorts of activities such as playing games, hiking, or having a meal together. They recently celebrated Guy Fawkes Night together, and carved pumpkins for Halloween! Whether you are familiar with the Scouts and Guides movement, or have no experience at all you can join this society for £5! Make sure to check out their Instagram: @bhamssago

DAMSA is an acronym for the Disability and Mental Health Students’ Association, which is here to represent and provide support for students who identify as having a disability. They welcome anyone who has a physical disability, chronic illness, learning disability, sensory impairment, mental illness, is neurodivergent or with any other form of disability.

With a weekly social called Coffee Time (although all beverages are welcome) that alternates between online and in-person, they offer chilled socials as well as a recently established study group! DAMSA also campaigns to raise awareness of disability rights and experiences, and aims to provide a more welcoming space for all. Make sure to get your FREE membership! Find out more via their Instagram: @uobdamsa

BUDS and BUDSS: BUDS and BUDSS are two societies with very similar names – naturally, people often confuse them, but they are two very different societies!

Inage of BUDS at the Societies Fair during Welcome WeekBUDS stands for Birmingham University Dance Society. From beginner dance classes in a variety of styles to competition squads, they have something for everyone, no matter your experience. Get to know them on Instagram: @uobdance.

On the other hand, BUDSS is the Birmingham University Dental Student Society or you can find them @budsstagram on socials, welcoming all students from the dental hospital – and not just dentistry. They hold a variety of socials throughout the year as well as events with a more academic focus.

So, while they have nearly identical names, make sure not to confuse these two societies and risk ending up at a dentistry revision session instead of your dance class!

These are some of our key recommendations for this month, but remember it's never too late to join a society, so why not explore all the groups we have to offer.

All information correct as of time of article being published.


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