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How to Make Friends Before Uni Begins

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Hi, I am Ana, a third year studying Political Science and Sociology. As an international student, moving abroad to a country where I did not know anyone, making friends was high on my priority list back in first year. Here are my 5 top tips to make friends before uni begins:

1.  Facebook groups

The Guild has created three Facebook group for each accommodation village: Pritchatts Park, The Vale and Selly Oak Village. You should check them out and post a message to meet other students on your course or in your accommodation and start chatting!

2. Attend virtual events

Your course might organise virtual events for students to meet before the year starts. That was especially the case during the pandemic where induction was held online. But I remember attending an online meet and greet mid-September and meeting one of my best friends on there. This is a great way to show your personality and get the personal contacts of other students to create a group chat and get to know one other.

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3. Join Societies

The Guild of Student has more than 300 student groups ranging from crafts to debating to performing groups! There is definitely a society for your interests! You can check out the societies on the guild website and find the Instagram pages of the groups you like. Then, message them to find out more about the society, what they offer and what kind of events they organise. Make sure to ask if they have a group chat you can join so you can browse through the members profile and perhaps message them!

 4. Reach out to students from your school

There might be students from your school going to the same university you are going to. Try to find them either by contacting your school’s administration or through your mutual connections and arrange a meeting. That way, you can go to events together and share your ideas to discover the campus. If you are a bit shy, having a person you know with you, may make you feel more confident and comfortable.

I hope these tips were helpful and will make your Welcome Week a bit less nerve racking! Last tip, be friendly and smile, this is going to be an adventure of a lifetime!

Good luck and see you on campus in September!



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