It's not too late to enrol on the Personal Skills Award....

The Personal Skills Award is the University of Birmingham's fantastic employability programme for undergraduate students. The PSA enables you to develop and articulate your skills in preparation for real-world recruitment. The deadline to enrol? Thursday 13th December.

How does the PSA scheme work?

Get involved with extra-curricular activities on campus and, as well as building skills that will boost your employability, you'll earn a certain amount of points that will build towards your Personal Skills Award. Activities include: Student Staff roles, various volunteering roles, Student Reps, Student Group Committee Members and more! If you’re already involved in some of those activities you're part of the way there! Once you have reached the PSA points criteria, you have achieved the award.


  • PSA scheme will help you to become more confident, articulate and better prepared for life as a graduate
  • The scheme is recognised by employers
  • You'll have the option to have the award on your advanced degree transcript

In order to enrol on the scheme you will need to attend an Induction Session, which you can sign up for by clicking here

For more information please feel free to get in touch at


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