Joe's Bar Staff Know it's ‘NOT ON’

It's 'Not On'

Not On is a joint campaign, launched by the University of Birmingham and the Guild of Students, to raise awareness about sexual harassment issues. The aim of the campaign is to promote an environment in which sexual harassment of any kind is deemed to be wholly unacceptable and to enable students to have the knowledge, ability and confidence to report and take action.

Last week the Not On ambassadors were busy delivering workshop on consent and bystander intervention to our amazing Joes Bar staff team. The workshops aimed to support the team in identifying sexual harassment, consent and give them the  confidence to safely intervene as a bystander if they see or are approached by someone who is experiencing sexual harassment. 

We hope that you can feel confident to report a concern to Joes Bar staff or ask for support on a night out if ever you need to.


‘You Report We Support’

As part of our commitment to providing a safe and supportive environment for our students, we have created a reporting tool for incidents of sexual assault. The tool provides two options: to report and speak to an advisor, or to report an incident anonymously.

Find out more about You Report, We Support.


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