Kate says: Let's Go Green!

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At the moment it is virtually impossible to scroll Facebook without coming across a news article about the state of the environment. I’m sure we all know someone who’s been trying Veganuary or now refuses plastic straws in restaurants; change is happening all around us. With such heightened environmental awareness more and more people are looking to change their ways – but where do you start?

From February 4th, we will be celebrating our annual Go Green Week! This is an amazing opportunity to get involved with lots of different activities and hopefully learn something new about environmental issues. We have a large range of events happening, which each day of the week focusing on a different area: Meat-Free Monday, Transport Tuesday, Waste Wednesday, Throwaway Thursday, and Fossil Free Friday. There will be information and food stalls, a bike sale, workshops, giveaways, film screenings – a whole range of events to suit everyone! This week also marks the re-launch of our Fossil Free Campaign which is pushing for the University to remove their investments in the fossil fuel industry (a horrifying £5.9 million!), so keep an eye out for us walking round campus collecting signatures! To keep up with all our events check out our Facebook page at ‘Go Green Week 2019’ 

I think it’s more important than ever that we all do our bit to be a bit more environmentally conscious. Even the simplest changes like using reusable shopping bags and water bottles make a difference – no contribution is too small! One of the things I’d love to achieve for Go Green Week is to make people feel like whatever they can do to be more environmentally friendly is worth it. It is not an all or nothing matter; it’s about doing what you can in your situation!

As the Ethical & Environmental Officer at the Guild I am so excited for everything we have in store for Go Green Week. A lot of hard work from myself, Guild staff, and passionate students has gone into organising this week and ensuring it’ll be our most successful one yet. I encourage everyone to come with an open mind and see what they can gain from this week. Being bothered about the environment is not just for the stereotypical ‘tree hugger’, it’s for everyone – and who knows, you might be giving David Attenborough a run for his money by the weekend.


Check out the Go Green Page for all the eco-events and activities taking place on campus.?


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