Meet Our February Reps of the Month!

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Graphic that says 'Rep of the Month'

Student and PGR Reps go above and beyond to represent your academic interests to course leaders across the University, so you can continually work to improve your academic experience, and Rep of the Month is here to recognise their incredible work. So, be sure to explore our winners, who will also be put forward for the upcoming Rep Awards. 

Would you like to nominate someone for Rep of the Month? You can nominate via the Guild website – each month’s nominations close on the 25th. 

Our February Rep of the Month winners are:

Shubham Jaiswal, PGR Civil Engineering: Awarded for advocating more practical sessions and hands-on projects in the curriculum, and organising peer mentoring and study groups for students.

Syed Aamir Ahmed, MSc Financial Management: Awarded for their continuous work collecting and acting on feedback from their peers, Syed was instrumental in helping to secure an extension for students in his cohort in an assignment when the resources the students needed didn’t work.

Rushikesh Vidhate, MSc Accounting and Finance: Who has consistently demonstrated a commitment to making a positive impact on the education of their cohort, from organising study groups to advocating curriculum updates.

Hira Javid, MA Comparative Literature and Critical Theories: Awarded for collecting data from a large and diverse body of students, closing the feedback loop and ensuring students get the maximum benefits from different resources.



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