Officers cover 240 MILES for Student Minds

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Student Minds Challenge

Did you know your Full-Time Officer Team are currently taking part in the Student Minds Challenge? That’s right - earlier this month they challenged themselves to walk 240 km in aid of the the 2.4 million students across the UK. Students face so many pressures whilst studying at University, from social to academic and financial pressures. All this and a pandemic, can cause a lot of pressure.

Student Minds encourage all students to take care of their mental health and wellbeing, support others and make change. Your Officer Team truly believe that this work is more important now than ever, so having nearly completed their 240 km goal, they have decided to challenge themselves even further and cover 240 miles. Yes, you heard it right!

Check out the Officers’ social media channels to track their progress and the amazing work they have been doing to shine a light on Student Minds, whilst raising awareness of the issues affecting all students across the UK.

Best of luck Team!


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