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As your Guild, at the University of Birmingham, it’s our job to make sure you get the best possible start to University life. That's why we’ve been busy planning a fantastic Welcome 2023 to remember!

Graphic advertising our Official Welcome WristbandsRight now, we’re mapping out an OFFICIAL Welcome programme featuring a range of fantastic events, giving you the opportunity to have fun, make friends, try new things, and have the best start to university life.

However, we have noticed lots of unofficial events, Facebook groups and Whatsapp chats popping up across social media asking you to part with your money for various tickets to events. Please be aware that these groups are not associated with the Guild or University, in any way!

We can guarantee that all events hosted by us are tailored for University of Birmingham students, and will be held either at the Guild, or at Guild approved venues.

You may be wondering how you’ll know what events are Official. Well, all you have to do is look out for our official stamp which will be included on all of our welcome events. Plus, we’ll be sharing each event on our Welcome Website and social media, so please keep checking these spaces for up to date information.

We really can’t wait for the year ahead, so let’s start it off right, with an amazing Welcome 2023!


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