Reporting Landlord Issues

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We wanted to take the time to remind you that if you have any issues or concerns with your landlord, it is really important that you report these. A landlord that does not look after your property adequately, making it safe and healthy to live in, or that harasses or threatens tenants is not acceptable. Just because you are a student, does not mean that you have to put up with having a bad landlord – you need to take action.

You should make a complaint against your landlord if they (not an exclusive list):

-              Have not made your property safe and secure

-              Have not fixed issues such as damp or mould

-              Enter your property without giving you enough notice

-              Harass or threaten you

Some of these matters are civil, but others (such as landlords threatening tenants) are criminal matters, which the police can investigate.


Here are a few avenues you can follow if you wish to complain about your landlord:

-              Speak to Guild Advice about your complaint.

-              Email Community Living about your complaint.

-              Speak to a Community Warden (if you would like to speak to a fellow student).


If the complaint you are making involves criminal matters, each of the above will be able to put you in touch with the UoB Campus Police team, who can progress the matter for you.

We would also strongly recommend leaving a review of your tenancy on Marks Out Of Tenancy, so that other students can be aware of the realities of renting that property before they do so.


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