Your Full Time Officer Teams' Statement Regarding The Open Meeting Held On Friday 5th November

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We would like to thank those students who attended our Open Meeting tonight, contributed to our Instagram story, and sent us emails.  The contributions made and feedback provided was invaluable, to make nights out a safer place for everyone.  We are committed to doing much more in the coming weeks to improve student safety at Guild nights and in the local community.

A plan is being developed which outlines the additional measures we are looking to implement and timescales for doing so.  We will publish this plan shortly, following further review and consideration of the feedback provided.

Following on from our statement earlier this week, highlighting the processes we put in place for Wednesday’s Sports Night, these measures will also be in place for tomorrow’s Fab ‘N’ Fresh event (Saturday 6th November).  As a reminder, and in the order of how you will experience them tomorrow night, these measures are:

Amnesty Policy/Box: placed at the start of the queue. Anyone in possession of prohibited substances or items can dispose of them safely, without fear of arrest or referral to the University, prior to entering the event

Bag Searches: all bags will be searched upon entry

Passive Drug Detection Dogs: this trial will continue. Once past the bag search, customers will pass by the dogs before they enter the venue. If the dog indicates they have detected the presence of a substance, a secondary search will take place.  You will be notified by the dog's handler that their dog has suggested you may be in possession of an illegal or prohibited item.  You will then be asked what and where it is and you will be allowed to place this in the amnesty box, prior to the search

Personal Searches: an increased ratio of attendees will be searched.  A search will include the emptying of pockets and the use of a metal detector wand. Those conducting the searches will be male and female and we will do our best to ensure you are comfortable. The time of the search will be logged, as will your student ID. Those searching will be SIA trained and wearing body worn cameras

Chill Out Room: a ‘chill out’ room is located opposite Spar on the ground floor, and will be open for the full duration of the event (10pm – 4am). Phone chargers and water will be available, and the room will be staffed by male and female staff, and overseen by a manager who is first aid trained

Pre-event briefing: all venues staff working at an event will be briefed ahead of the event.  The briefing will include the following:

  • What is spiking
  • The warning signs of spiking
  • How to avoid spiking
  • What to do as a member of staff
  • Additional and specific information relating to their role and responsibility during an event night

Taxi Rank Walking Service: on request, our staff will escort students to the taxi rank at East Gate, and wait for them until it arrives

Drink toppers – ‘Spikies’ will be available on all bars on request. An order has been placed for ‘stop topps’, however, as a result of extremely high demand, the Guild is still awaiting delivery

Drink spiking in Manchester: 'Being spiked seemed to be my fault' - BBC News     Why this Hereford pub is giving out tin foil lids for drinks | Hereford  Times

Drink Testing / Replacement Drinks: for anyone who suspects their drink may have been tampered with, you should report this to a member of staff. The drink will be tested with a testing kit, and you will be provided with a replacement drink, free of charge

West Midlands Police: have been asked to attend and be present outside the venue

‘Best Bar None’ accreditation: we are accredited through the national Best Bar None scheme, which helps pubs, clubs and venues to work with police and local councils providing safer nights out for all.

Moving forward we are committed to action in responding to your feedback and will provide further updates next week.


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