Who are the Officers?

This year, seven students are paid to work full-time to lead the Guild. 9 students will be elected as Part-Time Officers. The roles are a fantastic opportunity for those passionate about Birmingham, the students and their Guild.

Chosen by students in a campus-wide vote, they become directors of a £million+ turnover organisation, trustees of our charity and representatives of 34,000 students.

What is an Election?

Every year, Guild Elections gives students the opportunity to elect seven of their peers to lead the Guild of Students. Last year’s campus-wide ballot saw over 8,500 students cast their vote.

If you think you would make a great leader and could help us make sure every student gets the best from Birmingham, then tell us you’re interested here.

Can I run if I'm in my First or Second year?

Yes! If you’re elected, you can speak to your school about taking a year out to serve as an Officer.

Can I run if I'm a Postgrad?

Yes, students at any level of study can run in the Elections – and we even have a dedicated Postgraduate Students’ Officer, specifically to look out for the interests of students like you!

We work with schools across the University to make sure they support you in running, so don’t let being a postgrad hold you back.

How do I get my manifesto out there?

Getting your campaign out there is key to get the votes rolling in - we'll be running training sessions and sharing tips on how best to communicate with students at Birmingham later on in the term, so you’ll be supported every step of the way.

If you would like some help and advice on writing an election manifesto, we will be running a session on Thursday 11th January in the Guild Council Chamber (6-8pm)

Can I run if I'm an International Student?

Yes. Any EU national can become an Officer with no restrictions. If you come from further afield you may have to extend your visa. If you have any concerns get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

Help! I don't know which position to go for!

You can read about each position here. You can also come in to the Guild to discuss which position would suit you. Come and find us in the Student Voice office on the ground floor or email elections@guild.bham.ac.uk

Can I stand for more than one position?

Woah there - we love your enthusiasm but it's only one role per person.

Isn't it just a popularity contest?

No! Previous Officers have come from all walks of university life. As long as you have great ideas and a passion for creating change, you’ll make a great candidate.

Help, I don't know how to campaign

Don't fret! Most people don’t before they actually try it. Your campaign should be personal and reflect you, and we’ll offer you lots of support to get things going.

I don't have much time - Can I still campaign?

Yes! Even one hour a week is enough time to run an excellent campaign. We’ll work with you to help you create the best campaign possible with the time you have.

Do I get a campaigning budget?

Yes, we’ll reimburse you for any campaign expenses, up to a pre-agreed amount.

What is a campaign team and what do I do if I don't have one?

A campaign team is a group of your friends who have committed to helping you campaign. They might talk to students on your behalf, help put up posters, or perhaps assist you with social media.

Will I get an extension on my coursework so i can focus on campaigning?

We work with the University to encourage schools to provide extensions for students participating in the Elections - just chat to us if you have any concerns, you can email: elections@guild.bham.ac.uk

What happens if I win?

Hopefully some celebrating! If you win you will spend the next year running the Union and working on projects and campaigns to improve the lives of students. Remember that full-time roles are paid. Part-time roles and can be completed alongside your studies. We will be in contact to discuss training for the year ahead.

What if I'm an International Student?

You should be aware that the following is general information and guidance – and does not constitute professional immigration or legal advice.

I am an international student - can I stand to be a Full-Time Officer?

Yes, as long as you are a registered student who is also a member of the Guild of Students, then you’re eligible to stand to be a Full-Time Officer – and we would encourage you to do so.

If you win, the University can assist you with extending your sponsorship for the time that you are a Full-Time Officer.

You are free to take up the role during your studies or immediately after you graduate. However, if you are planning to nominate yourself during your studies, you will need to let your College or School know as they are responsible for you until the time that your permission to be in the UK expires. They will also be able to advise you if there are likely to be any issues with your academic progression.

Any applications to extend your student visa from within the UK need to be made before your time in the UK is due to expire.

If you require any further help or support regarding immigration or sponsorship, you can speak to the Aston Webb Student Hub (Monday – Friday, 9.00am-500pm)

You can also find further information from the UK Council for International Student Affairs here:


Can I share an officer role with another student?

Yes - but only for part-time officer roles. If you're interested in standing as a role share candidate, please email elections@guild.bham.ac.uk