A Cappella

'Most Improved Student Group'  - Guild Awards 2016

Fancy singing songs from a variety of genres, but normal choral singing just doesn't do it for you? Then why not try out UoB's A Cappella Society!


The society currently consists of 6 separate A Cappella groups:

Group Description




Blair Pitch Project

Mixed, auditioned groups

The Uptone Girls

Pitch Please

All-female, auditioned groups


Want to know what each group sounds like? Check out live performances from all six groups on our YouTube page.

The society also holds non-auditioned workshops and events throughout the year so there are plenty of ways to get involved! Information about this will be announced after the A Cappella audition period in October.

To join one of the auditioned A Cappella groups:

Each group recruits new members once a year at the beginning of the academic year. Auditions for all groups are held together meaning you only need to audition once, regardless of which groups you may be interested in joining. These auditions are drop in and all that is required is a song between 1-2 minutes long.

2020/21 Auditions

Due to the on going situation with Covid-19 the 2020/21 auditions will be hosted through zoom. We will ask you to fill the form attached below and prepare a 1-2 minute song to sing during you allotted time... you will then be contacted by the specific groups interested in your voice!

Form: https://forms.gle/1r8dvqNY9rnoBtt18

For more information do check our social media, and head to our youtube channel for performance clips as well as our Welcome Week video which is filled with all the information you will need on how to join us this year!

Looking forward to meeting you all!!