Izzy Bygrave - Welfare & Community Officer

Hi, I’m Izzy, your Welfare and Community Officer. I’m here to support your journey; so your health, wellbeing and happiness are my number one priority! I’m also here to make your living experience as safe and enjoyable as possible, whether you’re in first year halls or living in the student community of Selly Oak and beyond. If you have any personal concerns, study worries, or simply just want to chat then drop me an email or come find me at the Guild. I want you to get the best out of University life, so please let me know if there is something I can do to help you do just that.

Izzy Bygrave - Welfare & Community Officer

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My Manifesto

Izzy Bygrave - Welfare & Community Officer Election Manifesto 2018-19 Click to enlarge

Officer Action Plan - Progress Reports

Manifesto Key Actions Outcomes Comments Progress (%)

Improve awareness and provision of mental health support across the university and Guild

  • Work with Student Hubs to review and improve university services

  • Create a signposting platform for all services including the Guild, short -term and external

  • Use Mental Health conference to bring together everyone involved in student mental health and start to map services ands referral pathways to get consistent service across the uni

  • Work with unions across Birmingham City Centre and the MPs and Councillors to find a cross-city approach to mental health

  • Use Student Hubs Review to gain student feedback and improve service


  • Aim to reduce waiting times and improve overall student wellbeing (find ways to measure) 

  • Bring all series together onto one platform to be easily accessible, and reduce any duplication of services

Held mental health conference to start conversation and bring people together           

Met with Preet Gill MP & mental health societies to discuss ways to improve mental health support

Written paper with proposal for mental health strategy                                                         

Bringing a student voice to the student hub review and bringing focus to International/Postgraduate students


Improve the support and wellbeing of PG students

  • -Raise awareness of the support available, both general and PG specific

  • Maybe create a PG specific Support Booklet?

  • Work on improve next year's PG Welcome Week experience making it more support focussed- maybe do a follow-up Support Week with a PG focus in January?

  • Improve PG student satisfaction 

Focusing Student Hub review on those less likely to use the hub i.e. PG, especially PGR students       


Make the house renting process easier and less stressful 

  • Housing Awareness Week

  • Introduce Marks out of Tenancy

  • Work with OneCity to get all unions involved 

  • Hold more Flatmate Finder events?

  • Students feeling less stressed and less pressured 

Working with Marks out of Tenancy to organise a launch of the website                           

Organised housing awareness week to help first years with finding a house in Selly Oak 

Looking into some form of accreditation or vetting system for landlords in Selly                


Improve meal plan

  • Gain student feedback on the new meal plan proposal and come up with our own proposal for the uni

  • Work with Nic Mander to review the wider catering services across the university in terms of flexibility, healthy option, quality, price and dietary requirements.

  • Students receiving better value for money and a better meal plan experience

Wrote report using student feedback with a proposal for meal plan 

Meeting with HAS to review catering as a whole on campus


Improve the safety of students in Selly Oak particularly walking home late at night

  • Introduce a safety bus for students studying late at night on campus

  • Liaise with Blue Line Training (?) to see about increasing patrols after Fab and Sports Night to help people get home safely

  • Work with Councillors and uni to introduce CCTV in Selly Oak

  • Less crime but more specifically less perception of crime to help students fell safer

Meeting with councillors to look into CCTV in Selly Oak & Pressure uni to fund more safety initiatives

Created petition to uni on safety with 7000 responses


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