Adam Goldstone - Education Officer

Hi, I’m Adam, your Education Officer. I’m here to represent you to make sure that you get the best out of your education. To do this effectively, I want to hear from you. If you have any ideas for a campaign or would like to know more any more about your education, please do get in touch. Email me, Facebook me, or come and find me in my office! I’m also responsible for the Student Rep System which allows reps to make real improvements to your student experience, so get involved! I hope you have a great time studying here, and make the most of it!

Adam Goldstone - Education Officer

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My Manifesto

Adam Goldstone - Education Officer Election Manifesto 2018-19 Click to enlarge

Officer Action Plan - Progress Reports

Manifesto Key Actions Outcomes Comments Progress (%)

Better teaching and exam timetables 

  • Earlier timetables with fewer changes 

  • More manageable timetables 

  • Suitably sized rooms for lecture and seminar rooms

  • Keep Wednesday afternoon free for for all students

  • Free up University rooms for societies


  • Students receive their timetable earlier

  • Students have fewer changes to their timetables mid-year

  • Fewer complaints about students sitting on the floor of lecture theatres

  • Policy saying that both UGs and PGs have no teaching Wed afternoon (after 1pm)

  • Better usage of Uni rooms by societies 

I have been invited to a timetabling project board and plan to make sure students are prioritised - July 2018

A new timetabling system should be in place in for next academic year (19/20). What specifically will improve for students is still to be decided, but I hope to prioritise everything in my manifesto - July 2018

The timetabling project is still on track to launch next academic year - Dec 2018


Improved study space

  • Single online platform showing all study space information

  • Mobile app delivered

  • Plans in place for mirroring the app on a website

I am continuing the work from last year on study space. A mobile app should hopefully be launched in term 2 of the next academic year and it should continue to improve when the timetabling project is complete - Aug 2018

I have been kept involved in the testing of the University map app which is still due to be launched in January, so keep your eyes peeled! The app should keep developing, with more features added to the app next academic year - Dec 2018

University app has been launched, which shows you where study space is, can give you directions, and tells you how full it is. Search "UoB Campus Map" in iOS/Android app stores to find it - Jan 2019


Personalised academic experience 

  • Give personal tutor meetings more structure

  • Greater support for academic societies 

  • Engage PGRs in speaker events

  • Collaborate between students and Careers Network to put on events 

  • Increased satisfaction and feeling of appreciation in Committees 

Personal tutoring is being reviewed by the University this year, and I am keen to make sure students can get the most out of their meetings - July 2018

I have been heavily involved in rewriting the Code of Practice on Personal Tutoring which should have some stricter guidelines to make sure you get the most out of meetings with your tutor. There was lots of discussion around the name, so we asked students and student reps and passed on these views - Dec 2018

I should hopefully be involved in the writing of a guidance document for students about personal tutoring, so you have a better idea of what to expect from your tutor and from meetings. The guidance doc should be published by next academic year - Dec 2018


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