Student Groups

Starting A Student Group

Starting your own student group can be one of the most rewarding university experiences. In joining the Guild of Students as a new student group, you will become part of a vibrant and diverse community of over 300 groups.  The Student Activities Department are always here to help. From your initial idea, through to running your student group, the Student Activities Department will be there to support you every step of the way.

As a group, you’ll have access to…

  • Staff support from the Student Activities team!
  • Free room bookings
  • Resources (a bank account, website, and email address)
  • Publicity
  • Links to 300 other groups
  • Skills & development opportunities

Beyond resources, you’ll gain invaluable experience in team work, event planning, and leadership skills. This can all count towards the Birmingham Award, your Enhanced Transcript…and maybe you’ll even win a Guild Award along the way!

For more information or advice, our Student Activities Team are available Monday-Friday between 10am and 4pm at:

If you want to start a sporting group, you may want to get in touch with the Sports Officer.

You can also always contact your Activities and Employability Officer if you have any questions.

Give It A Go

Looking for ways to build up interest in your new group idea? The Give It A Go scheme may be able to help! We can support you to run an initial activity, social, or information event to gather students who might be interested in joining your group, through promotion, funding, and logistics such as room bookings. Get in touch with the Give It A Go team.

New Student Groups Approval Process

The road to approval starts with your idea. Once you have a concept, and want to set up a group, contact us! We want to hear your ideas, and make the process as easy as possible for you.

Once this has happened, please fill in the online form. To help prepare you for completing this, you will be asked to:

  • Demonstrate that there is interest from at least 15 other students in starting your group
  • Share what you would want your main aims & purpose to be- what do you want to achieve? What do you want to be able to offer other students?
  • What kind of support do you think you’ll need from us at the Guild?
  • Tell us what kinds of activities you want to run!

If you want some help developing your new group idea contact us at before submitting your proposal- we are happy to help and can meet with you to talk through your plans!

We have two elected bodies of students and Officers who help approve new group proposals- Activities Committee and MDX! Activities Committee looks at all new group proposals apart from those that are for Medsoc, which are looked at by MDX.

They meet regularly to consider new applications and may come back to you with further advice and guidance about your concept.

New Student Groups FAQs

  1. Does your new group proposal have sufficient interest?


It is important to demonstrate that your new group proposal has interest of at least 15 or more people, either via a signed list or social media link to a social media platform such as Facebook or instagram.

Any social media pages should be relevant to your group idea at UOB.


  1. How to decide our new groups constitutional aims?


Aims should be based on things that you know your group could feasibly achieve.

You should also take into consideration any crossover that might occur in aims with other existing groups, and how your new group is distinctive.


  1. Who will make up your groups committee?


Your student group will need to have at least three committee members: a Chair, a Treasurer, and a Secretary.

When completing your new groups constitution however you will have the opportunity to add other committee member roles and responsibilities.


  1. How much should our group membership cost?


The minimum charge is £3 for student groups; religious and campaigning and fundraising groups can request to be free. Community Volunteering groups must not charge.

Deciding on a membership cost may depend on group running costs e.g. equipment, travel and resources. Most groups charge between £3-£5.


  1. What categories exist that my new group might fall under if approved?


Academic, Activity, Associations, Campaigning and Fundraising, Community Volunteering, Cultural, Interest and Appreciation, Media, Performance, Political, Recreational and Competitive, Religious, Medsoc.

  1. What training and support does the committee have access to?


Your committee will need to complete an online training module which covers information about event planning, publicity, finances and more! You will also have access to further training and workshop opportunities as part of your role.

You will receive help, information and resources from dedicated coordinators and elected Officers- who you can contact to ask any questions or request a meeting to talk in more detail.


  1. How will your group be financed?


Initially each new group receives £60 as a start-up grant. You will have the opportunity to apply for other funding later. Groups raise funds through membership fees, charging for events, fundraising, or getting sponsorship.


  1. How do we attract new members?

Outreach, networking and a strong social media presence are all good places to start generating new memberships.

The Student Activities Department also offers a range of engagement opportunities for committee members, including our Societies Fairs as part of Welcome Week, Give it a Go opportunities and additional promotion on our social media accounts!

If you are interested in getting involved in any of these opportunities contact our team at

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