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Amnesty International

Who we are

We campaign for human rights on campus. We are part of the global Amnesty International movement and coordinate our campaigns across the UK. We meet weekly and plan to have regular (for the time being, virtual) socials. Amnesty International is a global movement that campaigns to end human rights abuses globally. The topics can be as narrow as releasing someone who was unjustly imprisoned to, as wide as fighting against police brutality. With around 3 million supporters of Amnesty, our university society does its part to campaign for specific issues.

How You Can Get Involved

We hold weekly meetings in which we discuss and organise campaigning on various human rights issues, especially our semester focus. In previous years, we spent time making resources, staging protests, fundraising, petitioning, and even organising a live music event. We hope to be able to do that in safe socially-distanced way soon, but in the meantime we are looking to do are part virtually. We meet every week on a Thursday from 6-7pm via Zoom.

Our Focus this Year

We democratically vote on an issue we would like to focus on for the year. We chose the campaign to Stop Killer Robots as our focus. The Campaign to Stop Killer Robots is an international coalition to ban the development, production and use of lethal autonomous weapons. Killer robots (lethal autonomous weapons) are weapon systems that would automatically select and attack targets without meaningful human control. This means the decision to kill would be made by a machine.

Killer robots pose serious human rights concerns and accountability problems. The use of fully autonomous weapons threatens to violate both international humanitarian law and international human rights law. Along with a group of other Amnesty students societies across the UK we'll be raising awareness of our own university's role in developing these weapons systems, the human rights implications, and lobby academic staff and researchers to sign up to an international pledge agreeing to not "participate in nor support the development, manufacture, trade, or use of lethal autonomous weapons."


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