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Bad Film

We are "The Bad Boys of The Guild", your University's least essential and most beloved society. For a year now we have been watching pieces of art that barely class as entertainment and we've enjoyed every second. We watch your classic films such as The Room, Sharknado and Birdemic but also insane international films like Wild Zero, Enthiran and Robogeisha, straight up action films like Blade, camp 80s flicks like Flash Gordon, anti-drug propaganda like Reefer Madness and Christmas movies like Elves. Basically we watch everything and anything that can be made fun of.


If this sounds like your cup of tea then join our Facebook or email us to get on our mailing list, we meet weekly throughout each semester and celebrate before the holidays with a three film marathon and a crate escape. (Past marathons include the Star Wars prequels, the Blade trilogy and all four Fantastic Four films). We're a small intimate group and welcome anyone, whether you come by yourself or with your entire flat, we try to make every screening a great experience for everyone with prizes, polls to decide what we watch next and drinking games if you're that way inclined. 


Become a Bad FIlmer today or face a lifetime of regret.



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