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Battle re-enactment

We are a medieval re-enactment society, open to anyone interested in authentic crafts, living history, medieval combat, or making new friends. We perform on-campus and at re-enactments nationwide!



Welcome to Batsoc; our society can teach you how to fight like a medieval warrior! At the Guild of Students, we train twice weekly with a variety of weapons through a mixture of both contact-based competitive fights and dramatic ‘show fighting’ activities. Our experienced trainers will allow you to improve your skills and learn to fight both spontaneously and safely. We also meet once every fortnight at crafting sessions, where we make and maintain our own authentic clothing, arms, and armour. We aim to host termly Living History sessions to engage in period crafts, board game playing, and cooking.

Several times a year, we travel to heritage sites around the country to perform historical events before audiences. With a focus mainly on the high middle ages, our re-enactments range from team-based knights' tournaments to epic events such the Battle of Hastings, which in 2016 featured over one thousand re-enactors. For those looking to learn a new skill or an alternative to fighting, we also regularly camp within authentic medieval encampments where we teach and demonstrate period cooking, board games, sewing, looming, woodcarving and much more.

At the university, we have performed at the annual Valefest, BUCS Super Series, and Miscellany Gala shows. We also host film nights and pub trips during the academic year and sit down for our annual Christmas meal at the end of the first term, so there’s plenty of chances to make new friends.

All students are welcome to join at any point during the year. Your first session is always free. No previous fighting experience, historical knowledge or equipment is required - just turn up wearing something comfortable and remember to bring a water bottle! Whether you’re a budding swordsman, an archery enthusiast, a fitness fanatic, a medieval scholar or simply a biochemist looking for something completely different to try at University, this unique society is guaranteed to be a great talking point and provide unforgettable experiences.

Watch our trailer to get a measure of what we do:



Upcoming events, announcements, and session times are communicated via our Facebook group and our community Discord server. Online events are hosted on the Discord server.

 Facebook group:

 Discord server:

It is essential you join at least one of the above to keep updated on our activities.

Your first session is free of charge and you don't need to pay membership to try it out. Sign up on the left hand side of your screen for £3 for this academic year, which allows you to regularly attend group activities, vote on group-running decisions, and ultimately goes back into maintaining our equipment!

To re-iterate, anyone is allowed to participate. Undergrad, postgrad, international, home, mature and new students are all welcome! We hope to provide a friendly and welcoming environment no matter your race, creed, sexual orientation, or gender - as a medieval re-enactment society it is worth mentioning we do not discriminate in our portrayals or activities whatsoever.

Any questions? Feel free to contact us through our email address: or speak to our committee members or training lead.


Our current committee (2022/23)

Chair: Verity Brewerton
Secretary: Owen Metcalfe
Treasurer: Alvin Kwok
Quartermaster: Harry O'Brien
Social Secretary: Chloe Hogg


Training lead: Chris King (of Stronghold Reenactment, Birmingham - "The Raven Company")



Photos and videos of what we do can be found on our Instagram, and an archive of videos produced by and featuring Batsoc is available on our YouTube channel.




Want to learn even more about what we do and the kit we use? You may be interested in our short video series on our clothing, arms, armour and living history activities:


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