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Battle re-enactment

The University of Birmingham Battle Re-enactment Society has for the last 15 years been open for anyone to join and learn how to fight like a medieval warrior, both safely and whilst looking good. We practice twice a week with a mixture of contact-based competetive and dramatic 'show fighting' activities. Hone your skills as a medieval warrior and learn to fight with a variety of weapons, such as maces, axes, swords, spears, bows and long-axes, all blunted and safe for use in our training sessions. As well as fighting, we also run craft sessions once a fortnight to make and repair combat equipment and authentic garments.

We participate in re-enactments across the country, such as the epic Battle of Hastings and Battle of Evesham to name a few, as well as performances for the Univeristy at Valefest and the Miscellany Gala. Our period covers the High Middle Ages from 1066 - 1265; in the past we've portrayed Normans, Crusaders, Saracens and Angevins. At the majority of the nationwide shows we attend, we partake in a 'living history' display, where we portray the inhabitants of a medieval encampment all day. When the day's display is over, you can usually find us around a campfire singing songs and having a good time!

We also visit re-enactment trade fairs and heritage sites across the country, so history lovers will feel right at home! We also host film nights throughout the academic year and go for our annual christmas meal at the end of the first term, so there's plenty of chances to make new friends.

To get involved, come along to one of our sessions; the timetable for our training sessions can be found in our Facebook group. Your first session is always free and no previous fighting experience or historical knowledge is required - just turn up wearing something comfortable... and bring a water bottle!

For photos and videos of what we get up to, you can find us on Instagram @uob_batsoc where we post highlights from our shows and training sessions.

For further information, contact us at our email address or message a committee member on Facebook.