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We are the University of Birmingham's Fashion Society! As a society we’re mainly about slow and sustainable fashion, which can be loosely defined as an awareness and approach to fashion that considers the processes and resources required to make clothing, usually encouraging things like fairer wages, lower carbon footprints and ideally zero waste, incorporating values of fair treatment of people, animals and the planet. But ultimately, we’re about fashion and having fun, welcoming everyone who loves fashion in all its various forms! We aim to invite organisations and new Fashion developments into the university, to hold talks, presentations and career events that otherwise wouldn't occur. We also wish to provide a source of interest for all the fashion enthusiasts out there, inviting opinions and discussion amongst members. Once a month, we will be holding a 'Best dressed on Campus' where you could be rewarded for your fashion and style! These will be uploaded to Facebook and Instagram, whilst you can bask in your glory of stylishness and show all your friends. We aim to also hold social events throughout the year, which will include charity shop crawls, clothes swaps and fashion themed movie nights! These will be a great way of making potential new friends, and experiencing something completely different.

Membership for this academic year is FREE, click to join:

Thank you for your interest in our society and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Fashion Soc xo


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