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Larp Society runs weekly Live Action Roleplay sessions where you can immerse yourself in fictional worlds. You can be anything from a savy politician to a noble warrior, an expressive artist or a skilled doctor. Your actions will have an impact through telling a collaborative story so whether through diplomacy or combat come and join in to find your new character! Society members also run all our games so come and participate in creating new worlds for other players to enjoy.

You can join our main space by making a free discord account and joining our server ( to get to know the rest of the society and keep tabs on when we are running events.



Come join us on Saturday evenings in the Guild to play our weekly Vampire game! A game of politics, backstabbings and esoteric magic you can help your clan or covenant seize control of the city of Birmingham from the other vampire factions that live within it. This is our longest running larp and resets every year to create a whole new set of stories!


Combat and Skills Workshops

Every Saturday lunchtime we run combat workshops to learn and practice LARP combat. Fighting with foam and latex weapons, it's a great opportunity to gain a new set of skills and the society has a stock of weapons that you can borrow while learning to fight. We also run skills workshops on Saturday morning which range from dealing with emotional bleed between LARP and real-life to how to roleplay medicine or magic. We keep a varied selection over the course of the year.


External and New LARPs

Within the society we also try to support members in finding other LARPs outside of Birmingham and pitching new ideas for LARPs to the society. A lot of our members attend larger events across the country and we're always looking to support new people into joining the wider LARPing community.


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