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Tabletop Gaming

Tabletop Gaming Society is a place to relax and have fun with friends while playing various games around a table (or video call). Create a free account on discord and join our server ( to meet new friends and explore the parts of our society. Future students looking to come to UoB next year are welcome


Board Games 

Show up, socialise and have a laugh while playing something from our wide selection of board games! Hide clues and crack codes in Decrypto and Codenames; work together in cooperative games like mysterium and hanabi; or deceive and lie to your friends in the resistance:avalon or that secret role game we probably can't mention the name of here.

Card Games

If you are interested in Magic: The Gathering, Yugioh or any other collectible card game, then you will find many other members of our society who share those interests! Just hop into our discord server and meet the other members and find some duels!

Puzzle Games

A newly added section of the society being built from the ground up over the coming months! Jigsaws, cubes, brain teasers and much more!

Role Playing Games

Roleplay games are about collective storytelling in an assortment of different worlds from magical high fantasy magical to dystopian modern day, with players navigating the hazards and deciding which way to take the story. We have a variety of very welcoming Game Masters who host epic adventures on a weekly basis for you to join across a variety of systems, including Dungeons and Dragons, Call of Cthulu and others! Come along and join a group to embark on an adventure!

War Games

Wargames are about building and painting an army of miniatures and controlling it to defeat your friends through strategy and tactical thinking. If you're new to wargames, we offer demo games to show you the ropes. We play mainly Games Workshop games (40k, AoS, Heresy, MESBG) and Bolt Action, but other wargames are also welcome; just ask and we'll see if anyone plays them. Just bring your models, and we provide the tables and terrain!


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