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A group for people studying Policy, Politics & Economics, or just interested in those subjects - it's open to all.

Regularly debate current affairs through 'Big Questions'


Facebook: BhamPPE

Twitter: @BhamPPE

2017/18 First Term Plans

2nd October PPE Beer Pong in Urban Village - perfect opportunity to get to know lots of people within the society and have a fun night.

4th October PPE Book Sale - opportunity to get all the books you need at much lower prices

10th October PPE goes to Stuesdays Part 1 - our first night of the year at Stuesdays, don't miss it!

We will also be organisng multiple other events such as;

- Comedy Night

- Christmas Meal

- Trip to Parliament 

- Trip abroad

-Many more nights out

- PPE Sweatshirts

We hope to see you soon!


Contact Us

Groups - 0121 415 8950

RA's - 0121 415 8949


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