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Malaysian Society (MASOC BHAM) is a group catering to the needs of Malaysian students in the University of Birmingham and it is open to students from all nationalities who are interested to know more about our country's diverse cultures. Furthermore, we would like to provide a holistic co-curricular environment for our fellow members.

To our Malaysian first years/twinning/exchange students, both undergraduate and postgraduate, congratulations on getting a place in the University of Birmingham! We have no doubt that you will have a great time here in whichever course you do. To our Malaysian returning students, welcome back to Birmingham, we hope you had a great summer!

For this academic year of 2019/2020, the new committee is launching a revamp initiative and a society overhaul. The committee will launch a series of events, activities (including collaborations with other societies) and campaigns for all members of the society that would be beneficial to them from the aspects of their academics, social life, welfare and general well-being. Members could also approach the committee to organise an event of their liking and we could work something out!

Expect parties, fun trips, movie nights, career workshops, cultural events, just to name a few, so there's something for everyone! And of course, food is almost always in the equation!

If you want to get more updates and meet more Malaysians, please join our Facebook group at:

If you want to contact us for general enquiries or collaborations, please feel free to email us at:

We are really excited for this next year and we hope you are too!

And last but not least, to all Malaysians, welcome home.

Terima Kasih (Thank You)
Malaysian Society, University of Birmingham Committee 2019/2020


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