Safety - Registering and Insuring your Property

Registering your property can reduce the risk of it being stolen and  increase the chance of you being reunited with your belongings! Registering could not be easier……is the largest National Property Register and anyone can register their valuables on it. Currently it holds an impressive 20 million items (e.g. ipods, laptops, mobile phones, TVs etc).
By simply visiting you can register your belongings and be reassured that if you are a victim of crime in the future, there is good chance that you will get your possessions back. Registering is also FREE so there are no excuses!
Insurance…It doesn’t matter how safety conscious you are, it is still really important that you protect your belongings just in case you do become a victim of robbery.
For those of you who live in University Residences, personal possessions insurance cover is provided within your residence fees. Please note that cover is only provided for the stated accommodation period (e.g. 42 weeks). It is strongly advised that you familiarise yourself with the cover provided, which can be found in your accommodation packs.
It is your responsibility to arrange additional cover for especially valuable items such as laptops, mobile phones and other such items, particularly as you are likely to take these belongings out of your accommodation (therefore are not covered as part of your residence fee package).

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