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In hot water again!

In hot water again!

In my manifesto, I promised you that I’d campaign to stop the University from charging you for hot water. Previously, all outlets were instructing their staff to charge for hot water – though only some were enforcing this rule, so I can see why some of you were getting annoyed by this.

I am happy to announce that from now on, if you go to any food outlet on campus, with your own cup, you are entitled to get hot water for free! If you don’t have a cup and you order a hot drink or want hot water, you’ll pay 10p for the cup, (this excludes soup though). In Costa and Starbucks, you should be able to save 25p per drink every time you use a reusable cup.

You may have seen that UoB branded cups are for sale all over campus too; for just £3.50 you can get yourself a reusable cup - which will also get you your first drink for free (usually about £2 so a pretty fair deal).

Since these have been bought in, nearly 5000 have been sold and nearly 16,000 paper cups have been saved! We’ve still used 48,000 though so we’ve got a long long way to go.

Happy sustainable and free tea making / cup soup drinking / pot noodle eating – cheers!



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