Officer Team Statement: UCU Strikes

Following the result of a national ballot, 60 institutions, including University of Birmingham, will see strike action taking place on university campuses across the country.

Last week, University and College Union (UCU) members, who represent researchers, lecturers and teaching staff, backed the strikes in legal disputes against pensions, pay and working conditions. Eight days of industrial action are now expected to begin Monday 25th November until Wednesday 4th December.

In line with the Guild’s beliefs and commitments we believe that the University has a responsibility to maintain good industrial relations on campus and to ensure that the academic experience of students is not negatively affected by industrial action. If and when strikes take place, the Guild will support staff where their proposed actions and objectives do not harm the interests of students. 

While we absolutely respect the right of UCU members to take industrial action we also recognise our own duty to minimise the impact this will have on student’s education. We want the best for both students and staff at Birmingham.

Throughout the strike period the Officer Team will work to the best of our ability to keep students informed whilst supporting your academic interests.

We are committed to ensuring that we remain a welcoming, inclusive space with learning and student opportunities protected as a priority. For this reason, any rooms not booked out by societies will be opened up for students to be able to study and learn independently. The Guild’s location on the edge of campus means staff and students will not have to cross a picket line in order to find a place to study should they support strike action. This is increasingly important considering strike action will take place over assignment and exam period. 

We hope that the University takes a proactive stance in entering negotiations with UCU and that a suitable resolution, which protects the rights of all staff and students on this campus, can be reached as quickly as possible.

We will keep students informed as this matter develops.

Your Officer Team


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