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Muay Thai Boxing

For anyone interested in Muay Thai. A practical martial art, good for fitness, fun, sparring and self protection. All levels and abilities welcome, sparring is not compulsory.

Please contact us on Facebook or by email if you have any questions!

Also follow us on our Instagram page @uob_muaythai to get up to date with our amazing content!

How are we adapting to the COVID situation?

  • Athletes must sanitise their protective equipment before and after each training session. Sharing of personal protective equipment is not allowed.
  • Shared equipment such as focus pads and weapons must be sanitized between use. Upon switching user of the equipment, the person holding the equipment previously will use the provided sanitization equipment to wipe down the whole surface.
  • All athletes must sanitise their hands and equipment upon leaving the field of Play.
  • Spaces in the dojo will be divided in several 9 meter square areas (3x3)
  • Throughout the session, instructors will wear masks as they will likely come within 2 meters of you to explain technique
  • When queueing outside the pool by UoB Sports and Fitness we will encourage a 2m distancing rule.
  • Everyone must have a mask and their student id card to come into UoB Sports and fitness. If you do not, we can't let you in.
  • Pad work will be allowed making sure training bubbles are kept the same

We are back, safely though!


For this year we are introducing a new, better and fairer pricing system that should cater to everyone's willingness to commit to the sport.

If you want to really dig in and go to every session but don't want to go bankrupt doing it, we got you covered with our monthly and weekly packages. Check them out below

Once we have confirmation from the guild that we can start running classes, you'll be able to buy tickets on the website as we're trying to avoid all unnecessary money exchanges due to COVID

Pricing Scheme for Members 2021/2022

1 Class £5
Bundle 2 Classes £8
Bundle 4 Classes £14

Non-Members are also very welcome £6 per session.

Please consider becoming a member to take advantage of our new pricing scheme

Refer to our Facebook page for all updates and important information!

2020/21 Committee Members:

President: Nabilah Shuaib

Vice President: Ellie Woodhead

Secretary: Ciaran Middleton

Treasurer: Omar Ehab Abdel Aziz 

Kit Rep: Sharlz Peters

Social Secretary: Matthew Quaynor


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