Your Part time officer team

Awaiti: Your International Students Officer here at the Guild of Students

Awati: International Student Officer (ISO)

Hi my name is Awati Mohammed and I’m your International Student Officer (ISO). As the ISO I will ensure that all international students get the support, services and representation they need from both the Guild and the University. Being an international student, I understand that you are constantly exploring to get the best of your experience and that’s why I will ensure the University and the Guild provide all the necessary support to make your experience an unforgettable one. I am accessible at all times so feel free to reach out to me, whether by email or in person. Because I can’t do it all by myself, I need you to join me in creating a students’ union to be proud of - one that is accountable, representative, united and open!


Twitter: @guild_iso

Fran: Your LGBTQ Officer here at the Guild of Students

Fran: LGBTQ Officer

Hi everyone! I'm Fran Nash, your new LGBTQ Officer. I'm here to make sure that all LGBTQ students are getting the most out of their time at Birmingham. As Officer, I sit on the LGBTQ Association committee as co-chair, and you will find me at the weekly coffee social every Wednesday from 12-3pm. You can also find me hanging out on the Guild sofas, where I like to spend my time working. If you have any questions about LGBTQ issues, or have suggestions for events or campaigns to run, don't hesitate to send me a message. See you all soon!



Twitter: @guild_lgtbq

Kiki: Your Disabled Students' Officer here at the Guild of Students

Kiki: Disabled Students' Officer

Hey there, I'm your Disabled Students' Officer and I am here to represent all students with both physical and mental disabilities. This year, I aim to try my best to reduce the stigma surrounding disabilities in general, and specifically those which are mental health related. I think no one should be ashamed of who they are and what they have achieved, no matter how small they think it might be. Your disability is not a measure of who you are. If you ever need any kind of support or need to be pointed in the right direction for help, I am usually around the Guild so don't hesitate to say hi or drop me an email/Facebook message!



Alex: Your Womens' Officer here at the Guild of Students

Alex: Womens' Officer

Hello I'm Alex and I'm the Women's Officer at the Guild. It's my job to represent women and non-binary people here at the Guild, and campaign on issues that affect them. I help run the Not On campaign, a joint campaign between the Guild and the University to tackle sexual harassment. I also work with the Women's Association at the Guild to put on various events throughout the year. If you want to find out about what else I'll be doing throughout the year, or you have any other questions, feel free to email me or drop me a Facebook message!



Twitter: @guild_WO

Rachel: Your Anti-Racism & Anti Fascism Officer here at the Guild of Students

Rachel: Anti-Racism & Anti Fascism Officer

Hi, I’m Rachel - your Anti-Racism, Anti Fascism Officer 2016/17! I’m here to ensure that our campus is free from racism, hate, discrimination and fascism in all its forms. Every student on campus has a right to feel safe and free of fear in the places in which they work, live and study. I’m here to support you should you need to report any racist or fascist incidents on campus and am always will to offer support and advice. Just get in touch!


Twitter: @Guild_arafo

Maurycy: Your Community Action Officer here at the Guild of Students

Maurycy: Community Action Officer

Hi, I’m Maurycy – your Community Action Officer! I’m here to help you take action in your local communities. I work with the Officer Team, students and Guild staff to make volunteering and community work easier to access and I’ll be supporting student-led campaigns here in Birmingham. If you’ve got any questions or think I can help, then get in touch!


Twitter: @guild_cao

Nicky: Your Ethical & Environmental Officer here at the Guild of Students

Nicky: Ethical and Environmental Officer

Hi, I’m Nicky, your Ethical and Environmental officer this year. I’m also a third year Psychology student and the President of the Vegetarian and Vegan Society. Feel free to email me, come and chat to me on campus or get involved via my ‘Greener UoB’ Facebook group. I believe that caring for the environment is everyone’s responsibility, and I exist to help you do your bit to make our university a happy, healthier, greener place.


Idil: Your Ethical Minorities Officer here at the Guild of Students

Idil: Ethnic Minorities Officer

Hi – I’m Idil. I’m your Ethnic Minorities Officer this year, and also co-chair of BEMA, the Black and Ethnic Minorities Association here at Birmingham! I represent the interests of Black and Minority Ethnic students on campus, and I’ll be working on the BME attainment gap, tackling hate crime and increasing cultural awareness on campus this year. I aim to ensure that the University remains a safe environment for students of all backgrounds by promoting a zero tolerance attitude towards racism and religious hate crimes on campus and in the surrounding community.


Twitter: @guild_emso

Your Home Students' Officer here at the Guild of Students

Home Students’ Officer

This position is currently vacant.

Max: Your Satellite Sites Officer here at the Guild of Students

Max: Satellite Sites Officer

Hi, I’m Max – your Satellite Sites Officer! As a Dentistry student I have often struggled with the logistics of studying mostly off main campus. It’s difficult to feel part of the student community or to benefit from the Guild when we are isolated; as your Satellites Sites Officer I aim to change that. I’ll be working to improve transport links and the shuttle bus, bringing events to Selly Oak campus and supporting Student Reps on programmes at Satellite Sites, so that all students’ voices are heard. Our university experience is just as important as everyone else's; I’ll make sure we benefit from the Guild equally.


Rik: Your Mature & Part_time Officer here at the Guild of Students

Rik: Mature & Part-Time Students Officer

Hello, I’m Rik Sowden your Part-time and Mature Students Officer. I’m a third year undergraduate and I clearly remember looking around a crowded lecture theatre on my first day and feeling a bit out of place surrounded by younger students. During my term I’m going to be working hard to gain recognition for the (literally) thousands of mature and part-time students on campus, to gain flexible support, and to work on providing academic help for those who are returning to learning. I live locally so even when I’m not on campus I’m happy to meet for a coffee and a chat, and have the internet in my pocket so can access email wherever. I’d really like to hear from people who had thoughts, comments, problems and ideas – please talk to me!







To ensure that you get what you need from us, when you need it, we have created a set of promises which we will always aim to deliver.

Meet your officer team

Every year, a team of Officers are elected by YOU to help you get the best out of Birmingham. Each officer leads a different part of the Union on your behalf – click on their faces below to find out what they do and how to get in touch…

Ellie Keiller - Guild President
Shannon Farmer - Activities & Development Full Time Officer
Adam Goldstone - Education Full Time Officer
Kris Ali - Housing & Community Full Time Officer
Rose Bennett - Postgraduate Full Time Officer
Jess Levy - Representation & Resources Full Time Officer
Helena Bailey - Sports Full Time Officer
Henny Green - Welfare Full Time Officer

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