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Devil’s Advocate Society

The Devil's Advocate Society is an informal discussion society that holds meetings every Tuesday evening on a whole variety of issues - political, social, philosophical, or even whimsical. Anyone is welcome to come and share their opinions or just watch and enjoy the company and some snacks.


Past topics have included:
- Is human morality irrelevant during an alien invasion?

- Should people only adopt within there own race?

- This House Believes That pineapple pizza is an unacceptable form of cultural appropriation.


The society was founded as an alternative to the more regulated debating societies on campus. It provides a safe environment for people to have honest conversations with others about whatever interests them. Freedom of speech has always played an integral part in the society’s history. To ensure that freedom of speech is upheld, the society follows the Chatham House Rule: those who attend are free to use the content discussed during the sessions but must not identify the speaker.

All members are welcome to suggest topics for discussion, and we talk about issues that are potentially sensitive or controversial in an environment of respect and consideration. We aim to be open and accessible, and welcome people of different political opinions, faiths, and backgrounds to come and share their views.


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