Sexpression is a volunteering organisation that provides sex education in local schools, promotes sexual awareness and offers a forum for school pupils to ask any question about sex and STIs, in confidence. We deliver informal, fun, student led sex and relationship sessions consisting of a programme of 4 hour long sessions; Sexual reproduction and puberty, Consent, Contraception and STIs, delivered over four weeks on Wednesday afternoons. We also are involved in fundraising events and health promotion across campus, such as raising awareness for HIV and AIDS, and promoting the 'NOT ON' campaign. We are looking for members to join as volunteers to help with fundraising and campaigning and delivering school sessions. Please feel free to drop us an email for more information and/or search us on Facebook.


[note, due to a shortage of committee volunters they may not be able to respond to emails, email and the Jobs, Skills & Volunteering staff will try to help]

Facebook: 'Sexpression Birmingham 2015/2016'


To download the Sexpression volunteer role description, click here:

To apply to become a Sexpression volunteer, please fill in the application form on our facebook page, or email and we will send you an application form


Application process:

·      Apply using the application form 

·      Invited to meet the sexpression team and take part in our volunteer training session

·      If accepted, you will be expected to successfully complete the Guild’s online Child Safeguarding Training found here:

·      Start volunteering!






To ensure that you get what you need from us, when you need it, we have created a set of promises which we will always aim to deliver.

Meet your officer team

Every year, you elect fellow students to your Officer Team, who represent you and lead your union. Each Officer has their own roles and remit which you can view below. You have a chance to make sure your elected Officers are doing what they said they will, by attending Officer Question Time held each term.

 Ellie Keiller - Guild President 2016-17
Natalie Cox - Activities & Development Officer 2016-17
Chris Wilkinson - Education Officer 2016-17
Izzie Nicholds - Housing & Community Officer 2016-17
Rose Bennett - Postgraduate Officer 2016-17
Brandon Hattiloney - Representation & Resources Officer 2016-17
Georgie Freeman - Sports Officer 2016-17
Ross Strong - Welfare Officer 2016-17

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