We are the local branch of Sexpression:UK, a national student-lead volunteering organization which aims to create a relaxed environment for yound people learning about relationships and sex. We try to achieve this by delivering interactive and informal sessions so to facilitate an open dialogue in a way young people feel comfortable with. Sexpression is a volunteering organisation that provides sex education in local schools, promotes sexual awareness and offers a forum for school pupils to ask any question about sex and STIs, in confidence. We deliver informal, fun, student led sex and relationship sessions consisting of a programme of 4 hour long sessions usually delivered on Wednesday afternoons. We are also involved in fundraising events and health promotion across campus, such as raising awareness for HIV and AIDS, and promoting the 'NOT ON' campaign. We are looking for members to join as volunteers to help with fundraising and campaigning and delivering school sessions. Please feel free to drop us an email for more information and/or search us on Facebook.

Topics include: Decision making, Sexually Transmitted Infections, Contraception, Self-esteem, Sex and the law, drugs including alcohol, attitude and values, relationships, puberty and body image, parenthood, sexuality and homophobia.

We believe in:

- Creating opportunities to discuss sexual health matters in an open, non-judgmental environment
- Promoting individual self-esteem and empowerment
- Encouraging respect for personal beliefs and values
- Facilitating informed decision-making and autonomy regarding sex and sexual health
- Ensuring that young people have the skills to access sources of confidential advice.

Drop us an email or a text on FB if interested in becoming a volunteer. 


Facebook: University of Birmingham Sexpression:UK Society


To download the Sexpression volunteer role description, click here:

To apply to become a Sexpression volunteer, please email and we will send you an application form. 


Contact Us

Groups - 0121 415 8950

RA's - 0121 415 8949


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