Guild Elections


Applications Are Closed!

Applications have now closed for Officer Elections 2024 and we're that much closer to finding out who will Lead Your Guild in 2024/25!

If you have applied, you can still see all relevant documents relating to your chosen role and everything you need to know for your campaign below. You can also reach out to the Elections Team if you have any further questions.

What Happens Next?

Candidate Announcement + Candidate Question Time

W/C 4th March (Candidate Question Time 6th March)

We will be formally announcing each candidate in the running for Officer Elections 2024 W/C 4th March, so stay tuned to see just who would like to represent you for the year ahead! You will also be able to hold your candidates to account at Candidate Question Time, running from 5pm onwards in Mermaid Bar on Wednesday 6th March.

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Officer Elections 2024
Voting Week

Monday 11th March 10am – Thursday 14th March 4pm

The week we've all been waiting for starts on Monday 11th March.

During the week you'll see candidates on social media and around campus telling you what they'd like to work on if elected and why they deserve your vote!

It’s going to be an exciting and busy time on campus, so keep eye out for everything going on ahead of Voting Week and make sure you have your say!

What Is The Timeline?

15th Jan

Applications Open

16th Feb

Applications Close

11th Mar


14th Mar


15th Mar


*Notice of Campaigning Period: For our 2024 Elections, the official campaigning period will align with our voting period. This is therefore notice that campaigning and all associated regulations will be in effect from 10am on Monday 11th March until 4pm on Thursday 14th March.

What Roles Are Available?

There are many Officer roles for you to explore.

If you become a Full-Time Officer, you will be paid a full-time salary of £24K for the Academic Year, July 2024 – July 2025! Part Time Officers will also be paid a salary that is pro rata that of a Full Time Officer. Part Time Officers will receive a salary of 0.2 FTE, meaning they will be paid 1 day per week over 40 weeks. This will be flexible around their studies (inclusive of annual leave and training periods).

Full-Time Roles

Full time roles are open to any normally registered University of Birmingham student, whatever year you are in. If you aren’t a final year student, you will have to take a year out of your studies to carry out a full time Officer position:

president role


Role Summary

  • Ensures the University represents all students
  • Leads the Officer team, as well as all democracy and governance work within your Guild
  • Represents Birmingham students in the media

Full Description

education role


Role Summary

  • Liaises with the University to influence students' academic experience at Birmingham
  • Leader of the Student Rep Scheme
  • Communicates academic advice and best practice

Full Description

international role


Role Summary

  • Ensures international students have the best academic and social experience
  • Represents students who are on a year abroad
  • Organises inclusive and supportive events for all international students

Full Description

postgrad role


Role Summary

  • Ensures postgraduate students have the best academic and social experience
  • Encourages postgraduates to get involved and feel a part of their community
  • Works with the University to make sure postgraduates are satisfied with their experience and feel supported

Full Description

sports role


Role Summary

  • Ensures Sports Clubs are helping students to develop, make friends and have fun
  • Works with UoB Sport to make sure clubs are what students want
  • Helps students across campus to get involved in the ways which suit them

Full Description

activites role

Activities & Employability Officer

Role Summary

  • Ensures student groups are helping students to develop, meet new people and have fun
  • Helps students to develop their employability skills
  • Responsible for our night time venue, event planning and commercial opportunities

Full Description

welfare role

Welfare & Community Officer

Role Summary

  • Focuses on student wellbeing, housing and safety; supporting students in accommodation and the local community.
  • Ensures University services are inclusive and accessible for all
  • Campaigns to help staff and students build an inclusive community

Full Description

Part-Time Roles

Part-Time roles are open to any normally registered University of Birmingham student and are carried out alongside your studies, you also will be paid for this work across the Academic Year:

disabled role

Disabled Students'

  • Represents and campaigns for Inclusivity, Accessibility and Equal Rights for Disabled Students at the University of Birmingham and the Guild.

Full Description

ethnic role

Ethnic Minority Students' Officer

  • Represents and campaigns for inclusivity and equal rights of ethnic minority students at the University of Birmingham and the Guild.

Full Description

lgbtq role

LGBTQ+ Students' Officer

  • Represents and Campaigns for Inclusivity and Equal Rights of LGBTQ+ students at the University of Birmingham and the Guild.

Full Description

trans role

Trans and Non-Binary Students' Officer

  • Represents and campaigns for inclusivity and equal rights of trans and non-binary students at the University of Birmingham and the Guild

Full Description

ethics and environmental role

Sustainability Officer

  • Raise awareness of the Guild and University’s environmental impact and helping to develop a more sustainable student community.

Full Description

womens role


  • Represents and campaigns for inclusivity and equal rights of women and non-binary students at UoB and the Guild.

Full Description

NUS Conference and Liberation Conference Delegates

In this election, you also have the chance to apply for an NUS Conference and Liberation Conference Delegate position. If you are elected, you will ensure that students are effectively represented at the relevant NUS Conference in Spring 2024.

nus Open Place

Open Place
NUS Delegate Place

nus Trans role

Trans Students'
NUS Delegate Place

nus Black Students role

Black Students'
NUS Delegate Place

If you have any questions about the roles, about being an Officer, or the campaigning and elections process, you can always email our Elections Team at

Election Documents & Support

If you are interested in standing in our Officer Elections you should be aware of the process and regulations in place. We also offer lots of support for you as a candidate and you can view information on the support offered and advice on how to do a great written statement (manifesto) below!

If you have any questions about the documents below please email the Elections Team.

Application Documents

The following includes all important election documents and useful resources to help you with your application and campaign. When you apply for any position, you are subject to the Guild’s Election Regulations and the Guild Byelaws (specifically, Byelaw 8 - Elections).

These regulations must be used alongside the Election Regulations, Guild of Students Bye Laws, Guild of Students Zero Tolerance Policy, University Bullying and Harassment Policy, Guild of Students governing documents, University Legislation, and/or any Laws of the Land.

All Guild elections are overseen by the Nominee for the Returning Officer as delegated by the Registrar and Secretary of the University of Birmingham who is responsible for ensuring that every election is free, fair and open.

Regulation Documents


Election Regulations

All candidates must take responsibility to read these regulations and ensure that their campaign teams know about these. Not knowing about the regulations is not an excuse for breaking them. If the regulations are unclear or you need more help at any time, please email the Elections Team.


Guild of Students Byelaws

Please refer to Bye Law 8 with regards to Elections.


Guild of Students Zero Tolerance Policy

The Guild believes that a Zero Tolerance approach should be taken towards any form of harassment based on defining protected characteristics that takes place in any of the Guild’s venues or events.


University Harassment and Bullying Policy

The University is committed to creating a working and learning environment free from harassment and discrimination in which all staff, students and visitors to the University are treated with dignity and respect.


Disabled Students Policy - Plain Text

Our Disabled Students’ Policy offers the practical support of a student staff member to help disabled candidates with elections activities.


Complaints Procedure

The Complaints Procedure explains how we will deal with any elections complaints.


Complaint Form

A student or candidate wishing to submit an election complaint must do so by using this Complaint Form. This must be sent by email to All complaints be substantiated with evidence in support of their complaint where possible.

Useful Resources & Support

Here are also some resources which may be useful to read before attending these sessions:


Written Statement/Manifestos Training

Training slides on how to write a written statement/manifesto for Officer Elections.


Useful Information for Your Campaign & Written Statement

Information that you can use to support the development of your written statement and campaign. You can find information about recent Guild Campaigns, Survey Responses, and other information.


Guide to Uploading a Photo

You must upload a photo for your application to be accept. This Guide shows you how to upload your photo. If you have any problems doing this, please email the Elections Team.

Election Events

Graphic with a blue background and text that reads "Lead Your Guild: Running a Campaign" Officer Elections 2024: Campaign Training
26th February 4pm - 5pm
Harvey Milk, Guild of Students
Graphic with a purple background and text that reads "Banner Making" Officer Elections 2024: Banner Making
4th March noon - 3pm
Amos Room, First Floor, Guild Building
Officer Elections 2024: Candidate Question Time
6th March 5pm - 8pm
Mermaid Bar, Guild of Students
Meet the candidates standing to lead your Guild!
Graphic with a purple background and text that reads "Banner Making" Officer Elections 2024: Banner Making
7th March noon - 5pm
Amos Room, First Floor, Guild Building

Current Election

Guild Elections 2024

In this election, you will elect the 7 Full-Time Officers and 6 Part-Time Guild Officers who will lead your Guild of Students and represent you in the academic year 2024-25. There are also additional posts still available for NUS National and Liberation Delegate roles for April 2024.

16 posts are up for election.

Nominations are now closed.

The polls open at 10:00 on Monday 11 March 2024 (in 14 days)

Post List
Read more about the positions up for election and what each role entails.

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