As your group grows you will need resources to achieve your aims and objectives and put on some great events. The Guild can’t give groups all of the money that they want, so fundraising is a good way to supplement your income to help you afford to carry out all of the activities you want to do.
Funding Sources
Funding Reminders
Guild Grant

Student Volunteering Week 2013 funding

Student Volunteering Awards:
This campaign will showcase five student volunteers working across a wide range of areas of community need, and based across the UK – finding the very best student volunteering talent. Taking inspiration from the Matt Spencer award we want to highlight the very best student volunteers with the winners receiving £1,000 to go towards their volunteering projects or to a charity of their choice. We’re aiming to utilise a media partner to increase the exposure of the award shortlist to increase our ability to tell their, no doubt, incredible stories. You can find more details and the application form attached.  
Volunteering showcasing events:
Local institutions will be encouraged to undertake volunteering opportunities within the week, building on their existing activity, that showcase the value that student volunteers contribute to the local communities. We’ll be awarding four grants of £500 to student volunteering teams who apply, ideally – but not exclusively, for those who will be working with other HE/FE institutions. Details of the grants, criteria and how to apply are attached. We’d ideally like to see activity happening within SVW2013 – however we know for a few of you that would preclude maximum involvement by students because of reading weeks etc – so please do apply even if you’re only able to run activity either side of SVW2013
If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact either myself, details below, or Ruth at Student Hubs:

Funding sources

BBC Children in Need - Main Grants Programme (UK)
BBC Children in Need has announced that the next applications deadline for its Main Grants Programme is the 15th January 2014.
Funding is available to organisations that work with young people who are suffering from:
Distress; abuse or neglect
Are disabled
Have behavioural or psychological difficulties
Are living in poverty or situations of deprivation.
The Main grants programme is open to applications for over £10,000.
Examples of projects that recently received funding include:
  • Churchfields Primary School Beckenham which received a grant of £6,480 to work with children and young people with disabilities. Through the provision of a variety of sporting activities such as hockey and athletics they hope to improve their fitness, self-esteem and confidence.
  • The Dorset Youth Motor Project Bournemouth which received a grant of £5,000 to provide a programme of mechanical activities with racing cars for young people at risk.
BBC Children in Need also work with the Frank Buttle Trust to provide support through the Emergency Essentials programme. This programme supports individual children and young people living with severe poverty, that suffer from a lack of the basic facilities which most of us take for granted and face additional pressures such as domestic violence, disability or poor health in the family.
BBC Children in Need Small Grants Programme (UK)
The BBC Children in Need Small Grants Programme is currently open for applications. Through the grants programme, grants of up to £10,000 are available for projects that combat disadvantage and to make a real difference to children and young people's lives. In particular, grants are available for projects that:
Help children and young people of 18 years and under experiencing illness, distress, abuse or neglect
Any kind of disability; behavioural or psychological difficulties
And / or living in poverty or situations of deprivation.
The next closing date for applications is the 1st February 2014.
GALAXY Hot Chocolate Fund (UK)
Food manufacturer, Galaxy has announced that they are looking to help small, local community based projects and community minded people by donating eighty £300 awards to help people or groups with their community programmes.  The Fund is open to individuals aged 18 or over who are resident, and organisations and clubs based, in the UK or the Republic of Ireland ("ROI"). 
The closing date for applications is 11.59pm on Sunday 23rd February 2014.
Woodward Charitable Trust - Summer Playscheme Grants Programme (UK)
The Woodward Charitable Trust has announced that its Summer Playscheme Grants Programme will open for applications in February 2014. 
Through the programme grants of between £500 and £1,000 are available to registered charities for the provision of children's summer playschemes for children between the ages of 5 and 16 years.  The charities annual income should be under £100,000. Approximatel 35 grants are awarded each year. The Trustees favour small-scale, locally based initiatives. Funding is primarily for one-off projects, but the Trustees are willing to consider funding running costs (including core cost and salaries).
The deadline for receipt of applications for the Summer Playschemes is the 1st April 2014.
Orchard Windfalls Fund 2014 (UK)
The Tree Council has announced that its Orchard Windfalls Fund 2014 is open for applications. 
Through the Fund grants of between £100 and £700 are available to schools and community groups for the planting of apple and pear trees with the condition that children aged sixteen or under with the condition that children aged sixteen or under are involved in the planting or, where the trees are too large to be directly handled by them, related educational activities. This educational aspect might be during the design, planning and planting of the orchard or, in schools, it might be part of curriculum related projects that will be enhanced by the preliminary activities or the subsequent availability of fruit trees on or near to the school site. To be eligible planting must take place on publicly accessible land, usually in public or charity ownership.  In addition the School or Community Group must be able to raise 25% of planting costs. 
The closing date for applications is the 31st March 2014.
Faith Action - Together in Service Fund (England)
Faith Action, which is a national network of over 1,300 faith-based and community organisations, has announced that the next deadline for applications to its Together in Service Fund is the 6th February 2014.
The aim of the fund is to support faith based groups in undertaking new multi-faith volunteering projects at local level that are done for the good of others (individuals, communities and/or society) and bring about social change and/or value. Projects involving faith-based groups and / or people, that engage people from more than one faith community can apply for grants of between £2,000 and £5,000. The funding is available on a 1:1 match funding basis. To be eligible to apply, applicants need to be incorporated bodies (e.g. registered charities etc.). 
During 2014 there will be three further funding rounds with application deadlines of the 26th May, 25th August and the 1st December.

Funding Reminders

Funding for Young People to Explore their Heritage (UK)
Young Roots offers grants of between £10,000 and £50,000. The scheme aims to involve 11 - 25 year-olds in finding out about their heritage, developing skills, building confidence and promoting community involvement. Projects need to be related to the heritage of theUK. For example, it could involve young people researching a local archive or doing practical casework on a nature reserve. Projects must also show how young people are managing and participating in the project.
Previous projects supported include:
  • KirkbyStephenGrammar Schoolwhich received a grant of £15,300 to produce a film about the construction of the Settle-Carlisle Railway which is an important part of the heritage of their area.
  • VillaRealSchool(which caters specifically for young people with special educational needs) which was awarded a grant of £19,875 to work in partnership with a local museum to explore and gain firsthand experience in ancient crafts.
Applications to the programme can be made at any time.
Clore Poetry and Literature Awards (UK)
The Clore Duffield Foundation has announced that the sixth funding round under its £1 million programme to fund poetry and literature initiatives for children and young people across theUKis now open for applications.
Through the programme, schools, FE colleges, community groups, libraries and other arts/cultural organisations can apply for grants of between £1,000 and £10,000 to support participatory learning projects and programmes focused on literature, poetry and creative writing for under 19s.
Previous projects that received funding include:
Action Transport Theatre, which received a grant of £7,725 to develop primary school children’s appreciation of creative reading and writing through an exploration of traditional European fairy tales, using the power of live theatre performance.
Barnet Libraries LONDON Little Listeners: Big Readers project which received a grant of £9,761 to work with children aged 3-4 and targets 36 families where there is no regular reading habit. As well as library-led workshops in schools, volunteers will support targeted families to involve them in regular reading and library visits. 
The closing date for applications is the 7th March 2014.

Guild Grant

The Guild has a limited pot of money with which to support student group activities. There are two types of funding:
  • Annual Grant - groups can apply in the summer term for the following academic year, giving outlines of their long-term activities plan and budget.
  • Rolling Grant - a smaller pot of money available through the year for unexpected activities/expenditures which couldn’t have been foreseen at the time of the Annual Grant.
For more information about how to apply to the grants scheme download ‘Guild Grant Funding pick & mix
For a Guild grant application form click here. Please note applications must be recieved by 5pm on Monday 16th June
For a Guild rolling grant application click here. Please note you cannot apply for the Guild grant till November 2012  
University Grants
In addition to the statutory support that is available, as a full-time undergraduate you may also be eligible to receive additional scholarships or bursaries, depending on your financial circumstances, previous academic achievement, or the course you are undertaking. For more information visit

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