What is the covid response fund?

We know how difficult some of you are finding things right now, which is why we’re launching our brand new Covid Response Fund; designed to help any student who is facing financial difficulty in the short term, as a result of Covid-19. 

Our fund, which has kindly been given to us by the University, is for small, one off payments, for things such as:

  • Health care e.g. prescriptions, nappies, sanitary products
  • Digital poverty
  • Upgrading Wi-Fi
  • Repairing personal laptops
  • Purchasing course materials normally obtained through UoB Library Services
  • Food costs
  • Travel costs
  • Other unexpected costs as a result of Covid-19

How Do I Apply?

To apply for the Covid Response Fund all you need to do is email Guild Advice, by clicking on the button below.  Then, one of our team (an Education & Welfare Advisor) will be in touch and will send you an initial assessment form and find out any further information which may support your claim.  

Supporting information could be:

  • A clear reason to request financial support
  • Proof of Student Status
  • Evidence of low income, e.g. bank statements
  • Cost of a specific financial burden, e.g. repair quote
  • An application to the University Student Support fund (if the student is requiring substantial financial support)



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