Enhanced Transcripts

During your time at the University of Birmingham a range of extracurricular activities will be added to your transcript. A transcript is a summary of your academic and extracurricular activity during your time at the University, updated across the year, formally printed and provided to you at Graduation via the University Registry team. 

There are several different extracurricular activities which can be included on your transcript by both the University and the Guild.  A summary of Guild of Students approved activity is summarised below:

  • Guild Student Trustee
  • Guild of Students Student Staff
  • Guild of Students Senior Student Staff
  • NUS Delegate
  • School Student Representative
  • College Student Representative
  • Senate Representative
  • Student Representative
  • Student Representative Panel Volunteer
  • Chair of All Student Meeting
  • Guild of Students Full Time Officer
  • Guild of Students Part Time Officer
  • Student Group Committee Member
  • Student Group Committee Member - Chair
  • Student Group Committee Member - Secretary
  • Student Group Committee Member - Treasurer
  • Guild Committee Representative
  • Guild of Students Full Time Officer – President
  • Guild Democratic Committee Member


A summary of University approved activity and further details can be found here.

To ensure your volunteer details are added correctly, we will provide your personal information to the University of Birmingham so that your completed activities are transferred onto and included in your University transcript. For example, we will share your student ID number so that the University can correctly allocate volunteering activity to the right student.


If you do not want your data from participation in Guild activities shared, you will be able to tell us by contacting: studentvoice@guild.bham.ac.uk and we will not share this information.


If you have any other queries about how your data is protected at the Guild please see the Guild of Students Privacy Notice or contact studentvoice@guild.bham.ac.uk

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