Simon Price - Sports Officer

Hi, I’m Simon, your Sports Officer. I’m here to represent the student voice of sports, working alongside both the Guild and UB Sport to encourage as many people as possible to get involved and get active.  I’ll help you make sure you get the most out of sport during your time at University - whether it’s joining a sports club, trying a new exercise class or getting involved in volunteering. Joining in with the wide range of sporting activities the University and Guild has to offer is not only be a fantastic way to meet people and have fun, but can also help  with physical/mental health and  wellbeing. Please feel free to get in touch with me if you have questions about the sports and activities you can get involved in. I’m always happy to chat!

Simon Price - Sports Officer

My Manifesto

Simon Price - Sports Officer Election Manifesto 2018-19 Click to enlarge

Officer Action Plan - Progress Reports

Manifesto Key Actions Outcomes Comments Progress (%)

Improve student gym memberships

  • Ensure guild and UBSport marketing promote membership release date

  • Push for statements released on peak and busy times to be available to students 

  • Investigate and campaign for the possibility of outdoor gyms around campus and halls 

  • Pick this up again with Adam A - Introduce student feedback for when Tiv opens


  • More students aware of the membership release dates and the peak times of the gym. 

  • More people satisfied with the gym service with more people physically active.    

Screens in UBSport now displaying busy and quiet times. This has also be made visible through social media

Helped ensure Guild and UoBSport marketing promoted membership release date


More big event days

  • RA inter-halls sports day (possibly link with support week) 

  • International day to encourage international students to discover a sport

  • LGBTQ colour run 

  • Investigate and push for a Big Brum Varsity using all outdoor pitches across a range of sports

  • Continuation of Xplosion, rugby varsity,M11c and alumni sports day

  • Support men and women's basketball and UoB sport in the promotion of Lockdown

  • Enhanced student experience through sport activity

  • More events put on and increased student satisfaction of their Birmingham experience

Colour run date booked and planning now in place. Inter-hall sports day done and went well with a large number of participants, particularly in football and netball          


Better kit support for sports teams

  • Organise and carry out staff forums to collate club kit problems and deal with them effectively, potentially involving the PlayerLayer rep

  • Implement improved kit storage and collection procedure

  • Hold another kit forum- this time with a PlayerLayer representative 

  • Investigate whether Guild sports shop can sell PlayerLayer

  • More teams satisfied in the ways in which their kit issues were dealt with

  • Complaints dealt with more quickly and efficiently with more teams satisfied with PlayerLayer

Kit forum completed in November

PlayerLayer brand ambassador on captains and kit rep Facebook page to promote offers and order deadlines


More sports involved in TrySport with more leadership opportunities 

  • Work with UBSport participation team to improve the number and quality of TrySport programmes

  • Push for more activator programmes to encourage student led classes and sessions - chat to Kieron 

  • More students engaged in sport due to entry level participation through the TrySport programme

  • More club memberships purchased for a greater range of teams



Greater mental health awareness and signposting

  • Carry out a sports day as part of support week as well as involving free exercise classes for students to promote both physical and mental well-being 

  • Continuation of DeStresstival involving more free exercise classes

  • Push for the implementation of welfare officers in sports teams who have the required training

  • Carry out a mental health awareness and support signposting campaign potentially linked into the annual American Football event xplosion

  • Work in conjunction with UBSport to ensure mental health first aid training is pushed out to all sports clubs    - Plan social responsibility session for club forum

  • Increased mental wellbeing and knowledge of how to access support services 

  • Students knowledge of the support services available

Free mental health first aid training to one committee member from each sport club with additional members subsidised.


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