Jo Park - International Officer

Hi, I’m Joanne, your International Officer. I’m here to represent all international students studying at Birmingham as well as students on a year abroad and those studying at our international campuses. I want to celebrate our diverse international community this year by hosting cultural events and activities as well as holding regular international student socials to build our wonderful international community here on campus. Please feel free to get in touch with me if you have any ideas, or would like any support. I’m always happy to have a chat and answer any questions you might have.

Jo Park - International Officer
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My Manifesto

Jo Cho Park - International Officer Election Manifesto 2018-19 Click to enlarge

Officer Action Plan - Progress Reports

Manifesto Key Actions Outcomes Comments Progress (%)

Introduce new events to engage more international students and celebrate our diversity on campus 

  • New events: 

  • International day

  • International festivals (Oktoberfest etc.)

  • Global music at Fab N Fresh

  • Regular socials for international/ year abroad students



  • Increased international student satisfaction 

  • Increased involvement of international students in Guild events

First Fab N K-pop room has been introduced

Promoting socials by ISA further; created welcome week socials etc. 

Currently working on/ planning Lunar New Year Celebrations; introduction of International Day (One World Day); International Ball

Celebrated Diwali and Hanukkah on social media; contacted relevant cultural societies to support them if they needed support


Improved communication to international students

  • Adding 'international' tab on Guild website

  • Office hours

  • New channel of communication (e.g. wechat)

  • New Facebook group for international students

  • Increased international student satisfaction 

  • Signpost services that Guild provides to students (particularly communicated to internationals)

Office hours in the first term have been very successful

New Facebook page has been created to inform international students; spoke to International Students Association - will look into renewing the Facebook group for international students

Currently discussing with the C&M team to add 'international' tab on the website and to add new channel of communications 

Two safety workshop has been delivered, targeting at international students

Worked together with the Student Services to create a website/ video warning students about scams targeting international students

In the process for working with ISAS (International Students Advisory Service) to improve communications with students


More mental health support for international students

  • Clear signposting for where to get help 

  • Support that is specifically targeted to international students (e.g. home sickness)

  • Increased satisfaction from international students regarding the Guild's welfare service

International' tab will sign post to students about services available

Mental Health week being planned for next term to raise awareness and reduce stigma of mental health to international students


Improve employability for international students/ Improve global employability 

  • International students Employability Reps

  • Global jobs fair

  • Alumni connection - UoB Worldwide

  • Improved career opportunities and more jobs secured 

  • Improving confidence levels

Contacted Careers Network service for International students

Contacted Alumni office

*still in progress


More support for students on a year abroad

  • Create an official year abroad students' community & more socials & channel for feedback

  • Deliver good practices of each colleges/schools to all students who are going on a year abroad by creating a channel of communication between colleges 

  • Welfare/ mental health support for students on a year abroad


  • Increased satisfaction of the students going on a year abroad/ enhanced experience 

  • Less nervous about their year abroad and feel more supported

Involved in Mobility T&F group: which discusses and works on improvements of services/ academic/ non-academic experience of Erasmus/ exchange students

I brought up need for support to returning year abroad students to settle back into UoB

Met up with different colleges and is in the discussion to create community and channel of communication for future year abroad students

Planning to conduct focus group of returned year abroad students in Jan/Feb - to back more support for students on a year abroad


Contact Us

General - 0121 415 9990

Elections - 0121 415 8943

Campaigns - 0121 415 8944

Student Reps - 0121 415 8945


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