Reece Roberts - Guild President

Hi, I’m Reece, your Guild President. As President I’ll be leading and supporting the Officer Team to improve things for all students at University of Birmingham. Together, we’ll be shaping the direction of the Guild for years ahead as we launch our new strategic plan. I will directly represent you to the University by sitting on lots of boards and committees to make sure your voice is heard in University decision making. I want to support all students to bring about positive change to campus and ensure that the Guild’s doors stay open to all students at Birmingham. Please keep an eye on my social media accounts and drop me a message if you have any concerns or exciting ideas for change.

Reece Patrick Roberts - Guild President

My Manifesto

Reece Patrick Roberts - President Election Manifesto 2018-19 Click to enlarge

Officer Action Plan - Progress Reports

Manifesto Key Actions Outcomes Comments Progress (%)

Formal review of accountability structures 

  • Research from other student unions 

  • Investigation of what structures work (scrutiny panels etc.) 

  • Working with Officers and the student body to increase knowledge of the new structures 

  • Change of structure

  • More engagement with the student body 

  • Better access to democracy

Term 1 saw two new changes to the Guild's accountability: Guild Policy Development Group and the new scrutiny panel. GPDG is now able to pass more policy that is beneficial for students and debate important ideas that go up for cross campus voting.

Secondly, the new scrutiny panel, which equates to 5 new paid jobs for students, will ensure that officers are properly scrunisied on their manifestos and commitment to the role. Term 2 will see a reconsideration of the Your Ideas system and how to return to higher levels of engagement. Whilst conducting an officer review into the role of the President and Part-Time Officers. 


Late night bus 

  • Discuss student work time data with Library Services 

  • Identify where it should be going 

  • Campaign to boast student knowledge

  • Having a bus which is used

  • Higher number of students going 

The  Selly Express launched back in October and has now completed 2500 Journey, ensuring students can use our great facilities on campus but also get home safely. 

Over the next term, I will be lobbying the university to fund the project in the long term and support expansion of the route. 


Backdoor course fees 

  • Research other universities and bursaries that are offered 

  • Discuss with the PVC Education and heads of colleges to open up about costs 

  • Discuss option of bursaries, widen participation

  • The university advertise 'hidden costs' that materialise

Over term 1, I have agreement from the university that these costs will be published by the start of the new academic year 2019/20.

I have also surveyed 500 students and asked them about their hidden course costs, so this can be given to the university to ensure the hidden costs that are advertised are representative of what students pay. 


Guild led Mental Health restructure 

  • Discuss with key stakeholders the changes proposed by OfS 

  • Woking with the Welfare and Community Officer to create a Guild led system 

  • Diversifying the support we give, looking into Harm Reduction of Drugs and Alcohol

  • Students feeling empowered to seek help 

  • Clearer and simpler access to help 

The Guild has done a joint mental helath conference (ensuring student voices are at the heart of any future movements). Working with Izzy and Jon Elsmore to begin a strategy  for the university. Whilst working with OneCity (all the universities in Birmingham) to have a city wide campaign.

Adam Goldstone and I have been working on the Guild's Harm Reduction of Drugs and Alcohol Campaign. This has led to training for Guild Advice, working closely with the universities professional services, and working with key stakeholders in the city. Like, Birmingham City Council, West Midlands Police, West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner.

This will see, at a Guild level, drug testing kits being introduced, alcohol 'help you mate' campaign and at university level, will hopefully see rules and support change to support students more. 


Please feel free to get in touch using the 'Contact Me' section above.

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